Councilmember Gipson Reports Live During Hurricane Tomas From Haiti

Mike Gipson, a councilmember in the City of Carson, was stranded in Haiti today after incoming and outgoing flights were cancelled in the wake of Hurricane Tomas as it passed to the west of the vulnerable island.  Haiti, where more than one million people still remain homeless and live in tents after the January 12 earthquake, was sparred a direct hit from Tomas, but still suffered from severe flooding in several cities adding to the ire and grief of thousands.

Reporting on latest developments from Ocean View Mission Resort, Gipson, who traveled to Haiti with a group of local volunteers was on his way back from a mission trip when Tomas struck.  Helpless, Gipson said he watched a mudslide carry away a home with people still inside screaming for help.

“It’s only been ten months,” a somber Gipson said. “ Everyone is doing their very best to help Haiti but with back to back natural disasters like this it’s so hard.  It’s frustrating to want to help and you can’t.  When all you can do is watch as others suffer. I came here to help but feel like more of a burden right now because I can’t get out there and help.”