On Saturday, the Los Angeles Times’ reported that Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich allegedly threatened to prosecute city building officials last week if they issued permits for six wall signs at the L.A. Live entertainment complex downtown. Add to that, Trutanich was said to have threatened 9th District Councilwoman Jan Perry with jail time if she intervened.

Oh really?

This is apparently all over L.A.’s very public billboard board battle between Trutanich and Anschutz Entertainment Group, better known as AEG, which owns L.A. Live and is trying to  place large signs on the outside walls of its new movie theater.

Now I am no fan of AEG right about now. I was not in the chorus of folks wanting the City to pay for a funeral service, tribute, or anything for Michael Jackson.

But with that said, I can’t overlook Trutanich’s own large signs, still up and in plain view on Ventura Boulevard and Laurel Terrace Drive.

Now, it seems to me that before our city attorney wants to go around threatening to arrest anyone regarding large signs, he might want to take his own large signs down, especially considering the fact that his election was 5 months ago to the day on May 19, 2009. Now isn’t that breaking the law as well Mr. City Attorney? You know what they say…those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

I’m just saying, I can’t go for that.

Photos of Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Signs Taken on 10/18/2009