Afer looking at the video of CNN anchor Lou Dobbs discussing race and Secretary of State Condoleezzaa Rice, I was reminded of Pat Buchanan, oddly enough. But what really got me is Dobbs’ almost calling Rice a “cotton-picking” something or other, before he caught himself. Never the less, the word cotton did roll out of his mouth before he could put himself in check and that’s got people all fired up.

Look, we know what men like Lou Dobbs are all about. His latest jab at Blacks and race is no surprise to me.

What was a surprise, in fact a bit comical, is that he took the time to think about it and try to clean it up. Why? Because Dobbs himself was in the middle of his usual rhetoric about Americans not having a problem talking about race. Citing that the problem is that Americans are too scared to say certain things for fear of a backlash. And then comes Dobbs trying to sensor himself on live television on the issue of race. Classic!