I’m not a huge fan of gospel and inspirational music–or at least not the kind that’s labeled gospel or inspirational music.  I find most of my inspiration in the hip-hop and rock section and believe wholeheartedly in the gospel of gangsta rap.

With that said–I am digging some of the tracks on Mary Mary’s new album Something Big.

I popped the album into my car’s CD player and perked up when the track “Walking” came on I said to myself, okay I can dig it.  There were a few other tracks that I liked and overall I think the album is sophisticated and hip–almost too hip, lol with it’s secular sound but with religious and inspirational lyrics.

The album dropped this week Tuesday–check it out.


Something Big
Mary Mary
Released: Mar 29, 2011
Released By Columbia Records / Myblock Records

Mary Mary, sisters Erica and Tina drop Something Big, the long-awaited follow-up to The Sound, their multi-award winning, groundbreaking previous CD. The album was produced by Warryn Campbell and written by Mary Mary.

With powerful voices that soar, harmonies that chime and empowering lyrics, the songs on Something Big are instantly memorable. From the lively lead single “Walking,” to the unforgettable anthem “Never Wave My Flag” and title song “Something Big,” Mary Mary is on course to drive their indisputable reputation smack into the mainstream.

As songwriters, Mary Mary’s honesty and passion are unmatched by most contemporary storytellers. Mary Mary’s lyrics underscore an unwavering faith and belief in God to conquer the challenges that life sends our way. It is that faith that has connected with fans around the globe and secured an even wider fan base that continues to grow each day.

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