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So it looks like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is going to attempt to visit Holman United Methodist Church again this Sunday.


This after things went haywire at Monday’s South L.A. Town Hall meeting after activists from Black Lives Matter Los Angeles confronted the Mayor about reneging on what they claim was his promise to work with them to hold quarterly meetings in South Los Angeles on the issues relevant to Black Angelenos.

I have a lot to say about what’s been happening in Los Angeles with the Mayor and BLMLA but I’m going to keep it short and sweet because I do support Eric Garcetti and I want to see him be a Mayor for all Angelenos and not a select few.

  1.  Holding a town hall meeting in a church on the outskirts of South Los Angeles’ boundaries in West Adams in one of the most gentrified neighborhoods in Los Angeles is not having a conversation with South L.A.
  2. When the electeds hold town hall meetings that they wants maximum participation from the community in, it is not a secret.  Meaning, it would be listed on the homepage of their website. It would be all over social media.  In some cases there would be ads on the radio as well as in local community newspapers.  That was not the case with this town hall meeting and so it is understandable why members of the community were frustrated.  They felt excluded.
  3. We have got to stop allowing ourselves to be pitted against one another under this good Blacks verses bad Blacks ideology.  Just because a group of people are vocal about changes they want to see and use strategies and tactics that some find abrasive doesn’t make them bad Blacks and unworthy. I am sure folks didn’t appreciate all of Dr. King and Malcolm’s strategies either.  Likewise, just because someone is over 55, goes to church, owns a home, votes and lives on the safe side of town doesn’t mean they are the only people worth having a conversation with when it comes to Black issues.

I still believe the Mayor can rise above all of this but it’s going to take some work.  There’s been a lot of damage done over the past year culminating with him being caught exiting from the rear of his home during a BLMLA protest in the front of his house and then of course the Los Angeles Times reporting that he was less than truthful about his trip to Washington D.C.

Going back to the scene of the initial crime might be a good thing, but all of this secretiveness makes one think that he’s purposefully trying to avoid those who have been labeled as the bad Blacks.  At some point that needs to stop.  There is no other community in Los Angeles where attention and affection from the Mayor has created a line in the sand with some being labeled as “bad” while others who show up and smile for the cameras earn the title of “good”.