We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


On Monday evening Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti attempted to host a South Los Angeles Town Hall meeting in the West Adams area at Holman United Methodist Church. On agenda were a plethora of issues ranging from police brutality to accessing city services and jobs.

I was not there. I had no plans on being there. However, it wasn’t long before videos and news started surfacing showing Garcetti being basically ran out of Holman by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles activists.

Well in the aftermath, I’m told that the head of the Mayor’s protective detail, one LAPD Lieutenant Armando Perez (Serial No. 25581) told his superior Captain Edward Prokop—who is no stranger to us—that BLMLA activists at the church physically assaulted him and the Mayor. According to my sources, Perez said that he was punched while trying to remove the Mayor from the church after things got heated.

That’s a pretty serious accusation. An accusation that would get the assaulter arrested on any other occasion.

When interviewed by Robbery-Homicide Division, I’m told that Perez, a tenured officer with the Department’s elite Metro Division is said to have told the detectives that he doesn’t know who put hands on him and that he doesn’t remember if it was an actual punch or not. Interesting.

That could also be because it never really happened.

Oddly enough though, even though he was compelled to tell Captain Prokop, he’s refusing to write and sign a report about the alleged incident without consulting with the Mayor and Chief Charlie Beck.


What’s that all about?

Now why would a veteran police officer need to consult with the Chief of Police and the Mayor before writing a report about being physically assaulted by activists? I’m surprised he’s not off on IOD somewhere like most officers have done when allegedly assaulted or battered by activists.

This is exactly why the public gave the police department the side eye when it said it wanted officers to be able to review body camera footage before submitting reports.

I just know that my Mayor, the man I supported through and through while everyone else was drinking Wendy Greuel’s Kool-Aid, the man I am still hoping rises above all of this and does the right thing by Blacks in Los Angeles, is not in cahoots with the Los Angeles Police Department to fabricate charges against those who protest the police and disagree with his policies and decision.

I would be devastated if that were the case.

You don’t have to like or agree with everything that BLMLA does—heck I don’t—but that doesn’t give anyone the right to lie on them. Not the police and not the Mayor.