Okay I know I have a love hate relationship with McDonald’s–I hate that I love their damn french fries.

For the most part, I am not allowed to eat at McDonald’s and for obvious reasons.  But I have to say that my tennis coach asked me if I’d tried McDonald’s new oatmeal and I had to say no.  He went on and on about good t is and I have to say that my curiosity got the better of me.

What’s In It?

Warm and delicious 100% natural whole-grain oats combined with brown sugar and a touch of cream, diced fresh apples, dried cranberries and two kinds of raisins.

Now that’s some good oatmeal!  Better than Starbucks I have to say.

At only 290 calories, 40 fat calories, I think I can swing it.  Not every day but at least twice a week.

I love oatmeal and it’s even better the way McDonald’s makes it.

Now I have to just make sure that’s all I order when I go there and that’s the hard part, lol.

After I left the radio station this morning I picked up some oatmeal to get me through my bike ride this morning and as cold as it was, it was right on time!

So while ordinarily I wouldn’t endorse anything from McDonald’s when it comes to weight loss, in particular mine–I  have to give this the thumbs up.  Just stick to the oatmeal–ad I’m saying that more for me than you, lol.

Anybody else have thoughts on it?