We like Mélange Lavonne’s “Cast the First Stone.”

California native Mélange Lavonne is an outspoken Black lesbian hip-hop activist and artist with a new song.  “Cast the First Stone” deals with the issue of HIV/AIDS using rap and a catchy beat.  But taking on controversial issues suing much is nothing new for this sista.

Her song “Sick Sad World” decries racism, abuse, poverty, anorexia, and prejudice. In “The Game,” she exposes some of the problems of the hip-hop world, saying, “the music industry is a pimp and they see you as a ho.” “Gay Bash” delves into the death of her best friend Kevin (fictional) at the hands of gay bashers. The video for the song opened for Queen Latifah’s movie “Life Support” in the 22nd London Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and screened in Germany, Australia, Spain, and most recently, the 2008 Outfest Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

On her album “The Movement”, Melange brings all of herself — including her sexual orientation — to her music despite the fact that hip-hop is often experienced as misogynistic and homophobic.

“I’m trying to get a message across, trying to spread awareness … about what I’ve endured and what my friends have gone through,” said Lavonne, who has been the victim of anti-gay discrimination herself.

A cancer survivor overcoming Hodgkin’s Disease at 12 years old, she’s now dealing with S.E.T.T.L.E Cancer but she does not let it slow her down.

In addition to writing songs, dabbling in music production, and touring nation wide, she’s staring in the TV pilot for new lesbian series “Don’t Go.”

Her outspokenness definitely carries over into her music as well as through her blog.

“I truly believe I’m being utilized to relay a message of peace, tolerance, equality, understanding, unity, and most importantly, love.”