Michael Gennaco, since I know you read my website…let  me tell you now, you don’t want to go there with me.

Lying to KTLA Channel 5 about the audio recordings of Mitrice’s mother Latice Sutton is not going to save the Sheriff’s Department or stop the criticism of your department and its failure to find fault with the handling of Mitrice by the Sherrif’s.

First, that CD of audio recordings was given to Michael Richardson by the Sheriff’s, so if ANYONE did any altering, it was the Sheriff’s Department.

Second, unlike your bosses, we have no problem submitting that CD to the authorities, other than the Sheriff’s, for authenticity testing and verification.  A lot can be found on a CD besides the files that it plays.  Like when it was made, and sometimes what computer it was made on.  Also, I might mention that very few people have handled that CD given to Michael and if we’re lucky, we could dust it for fingerprints and see if the fingerprints of the person from the Sheriff’s Department who handed it over to Michael are still on it and then release the results to the media.  Better yet, we could just turn the whole thing over to one of the investigative teams from the local media and let them do it so you can’t accuse us of doctoring the results.  You get my drift.

This is not a can of worms that you want to open.  It could be very bad for you and your bosses, and yes–I believe that you actually work for Baca and that you are not independent.

So if I were you, I would curb the attacks on Richardson’s.  No one altered those audio recordings except for the Sheriff’s Department.  But since you seem to be interested in the altering of things, can find an unaltered copy of the video showing Mitrice’s exit from the Sheriff’s Department and then leak that to the media for me?