Well least when Charles Knipps’ blows into town this weekend to perform his alter ego character Shirley Q. Liquor, he won’t be welcomed with open arms from everyone.

According to the Miami New Times, Liberty City activist Rev. Richard Dunn has hatched a plan to mobilize protesters via his radio show he co-hosts with Bishop Victor T. Curry on WMBM-AM (1490). “It shows that unfortunately racism is alive and well in America,” Dunn says. “It shows that we are not serious or sensitive enough about the rights of everyone.”

Knipps’ is scheduled to perform not once, but twice at the this weekend’s Exxxotica convention in Miami Beach.

Exxxotica spokesman Woody Graber refused to answer questions regarding Knipp’s act. He says the convention will “showcase a wide variety of exhibitors, seminars, and attendees who embrace alternative lifestyles and … enjoy a multitude of personal pleasures. Although all may not be of one mind, at Exxxotica we all agree to not pass judgment.”

And I’ll add, we’ll just laugh at the fat white gay man who is passing judgment on Black women with his racist act.

For the record, this is bullshit. Porn, sex, and blackface, what a combination.