So let me get this right.

The government can’t find $900,000 to provide free day care for low-income and no-income families so that parents receiving public assistance can comply with mandates that require them to work a certain amount of hours per month in order to continue receiving aide, but we can earmark over $900,000 for 54 pitbulls, who are not human, to receive doggie day care.

I swear I can’t make up shit this ridiculous!

It seems that Michael Vick might have to pay more than $900,000 for doggie day care if prosecutors get their way.

CNN.com reported that in federal court Tuesday Vick’s on hand assets valued at more than $900,000 were suspended.  This is the amount earmarked for the care of 54 pit bulls found on his property when his dogfighting operation was busted last April.

Vick is currently in jail after turning himself in to authorities 3 weeks in advance of his sentencing on Dec. 10.

In a motion filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson noted that Vick’s plea agreement states he will pay "restitution for the full amount of the costs associated with the disposition of all dogs" in the case, reports CNN.com.

Vick also agreed that those costs could include "the long-term care and/or the humane euthanasia of some or all of those animals," which were seized from the "Bad Newz Kennels" on his property in Surry County, Virginia.