Mitrice Richardson Las Vegas Sighting Update

This is what you are not going to see or read about in the news as it relates to today’s press conference regarding Mitrice Richardson in Las Vegas…

4:30 p.m.

Michael Richardson on KJLH 102.3 FM the Front Page and KFI 640 AM with John and Ken

11:44 a.m.

Video from the press conference.

9:44 a.m.

Michael Richardson says he found out about press conference not from LAPD or LASD but from Los Angeles Times reporter Carla Hall.

9:27 a.m.

So here’s the latest, Michael is in Las Vegas and headed over to the press conference.

We did a three way call this morning to Las Vegas Metro PD’s Office of Public Information regarding the press conference to let them know that he was going to be there.

An Officer Cassell all but bit our heads off inquiring who told Michael, Mitrice’s father to come to Las Vegas?  He said and I quote, “Did you talk to the LAPD and the LASD authorities in charge?  Did they ask you to come?”

What the fuck is that about?  He’s her father.  The officer did everything but tell him, don’t come here.

As I type this, Michael is already on his way over to the Enterprise Area Command located at 6975 Windmill Lane in Las Vegas for the 11 a.m. press conference.

Oh and no—neither the LAPD or the Sheriff’s have yet to tell Michael anything about today’s press conference.  Somebody needs to put that in check.  The police should have flown both Mitrice’s mother and father to Las Vegas this morning.

From Michael Richardson

Is Mitrice Richardson In Las Vegas?

I don’t know but I’m headed out there ASAP on a Plane! The same 5 friends I tell you I have and mention often, we were in Las Vegas in January this year when I see this child that not only look’s like my Mitrice, but all of her body movements were like Mitrice. I jump out the truck and almost get hit by cars trying to get to this girl. The rest of my friends get out and help me search but in a split second this child is gone again. One of my friends say, “that’s got to be her, because she keep disappearing.”

The following Sunday morning I get up good and early and go looking and found nothing. The following Monday I return back to Los Angeles and call the Detectives from LAPD and inform them what transpired. I drew them a map and photoshoped the entire situation. They (LAPD) provided another lazy follow up and brushed it off as it was just probably my imagination.

Now, 6 months later a young man who took Mitrice to a Junior Prom and went to her church states he saw possibly the same young lady. Mind you folks, the Father is not credible but this kid is because when he said he possibly saw Mitrice the next thing I know the LAPD and Los Angeles Sheriff’s are parachuting out of helicopters and airplanes in Las Vegas.

Now, please keep in mind they’ve known about this since January of this year, and they waited until I filed a Lawsuit on 7/27/2010, and ironically they drop a press release it’s been sightings of Mitrice. No one from the Sheriff’s Department has contacted me are even provided me with information regarding the Press Conference taking place in Las Vegas on 7/29/2010. I learned of the press conference through the Media, LA Times to be exact!

Yes, I would love for this to be my daughter and hope she responds to our plea, But this may just be another distratction from the Sheriff’s to reduce the heat I’ve been keeping on them.

Like always, I will keep you in the know the best I can.
~ Michael L. Richardson, Father~

The Court of Public Opinion

  • That is just wrong! First the LASD, then the lies and brush off from the Mayor of Malibu or was it Hidden Hills, now these cow dung prima donna fools in Vegas?

    There is a young woman missing, she has a family and a father whos face should be on TV and print the way the Holloway woman was.

    Thanks for keeping her story alive. I hope she is found soon.

  • Again, why did the LASD not notify the family about the press interview within enough reasonably time, so the family could be present at the conference? Hmm….highly strange.

    Based on the totality of the circumstances, this is just a thwart by the LASD to cast reasonable doubt on the finding by the courts that Mitrice is dead. Remember, if Mitrice is “alive” then the basis for the lawsuit against the LASD is groundless and risks being thrown out under the law. The LASD is sneaky, why would they release a young woman who has exhibited signs of “acting crazy” early in the morning, with no money, without her purse, without her cell, and without her car? LASD’s story and the shit they say regarding the circumstances (according to them), just doesn’t add up.

    I am sure the LASD was and has been in on this one from the very beginning, the circumstances are just too odd and suspicious. Even a first year law student knows this, the LASD were conceivably negligent by letting her go without placing her under a CA WIC 5150 72 hr. involuntary psychiatric hold at the very least. Especially when you factor in that at the restaurant Mitrice was reportedly saying she was from “Mars” and there are verified reports by persons who were at the restaurant who observed this, at and during the time of her arrest. The Sheriff’s department even at first, initially, declared she was “acting crazy” in the police station and now they are recanting their story.

    All the accounts of the sightings of her in Vegas are unconfirmed and why did the authorities wait so late to release the so-called “sightings,” if any? Why’d LASD wait until after a lawsuit was filed against them? It goes back to casting reasonable doubt on whether or not Mitrice is dead to knock out the family’s lawsuit against LASD. Hell, I swore I’ve SEEN Elvis and Michael Jackson walking down the strip, alive and well, and living in Vegas on my last trip there in 2010.

    So, Mitrice’s high school buddy claims to have seen her in a casino in Vegas and said “Hi,” but where is the video evidence of this? Everyone knows casinos have cameras everywhere. Odd that absolutely no cameras captured the so-called sighting on tape. No credibility whatsoever, unconfirmed and it just another someone who “resembled” Mitrice. The family shouldn’t get their hopes up. Sometimes people see what they wish they could see, what they “think” they see or what they’ve seen in the past that no longer exists. All for whatever reason(s) or for no specific reason at all. I question the timing of the so-called sightings, hmmm, right when the LASD is facing a huge lawsuit?

    Bullshit, totally not credible at all.

    Btw, someone needs to question that LASD deputy seen leaving the station two mins. after Mitrice was released from jail. They need to question the deputy using a lie detector test also. Where specifically did he go and why did he time at the specific time at which he left? Did he follow Mitrice? If so, why, where? Anything else occur after that? Where any of his buddies in on this? Hire private investigators. The LASD definitely had something to do with this one. The circumstances are not business as usual and they’ve got a shitload of explaining to do. LASD knew she was “acting crazing” will there and the station’s video evidence is not being released? No psyche hold? Deputy follows Latrice out the station two minutes after she exits in the wee hours of the morning? No purse, no cell, no car keys, no money? LASDs never ever have been questioned about this? Did the Malibu LASD officers or at least one of them, release her under the circumstances with intent to do her physical harm or injury? This shit just doesn’t add up.

    I seriously believe some LASD officers were in on the strange disappearance from jump. The focal point of investigation needs to be re-directed toward those deputies working during the time Mitrice was there, and further re-directed toward those officers who came into contact with her that date (following the chain from her arrest to her release). Wiretaps? Guilty conscious speak even to their own buddies behind the badge.

    Good and bad come in every profession, even law enforcement. So, officers can and do commit heinous acts too, remember that, especially during wee hours when they believe no one’s watching them and they can get away. Query, who polices the police? Scary.

    Excuse my typos, just these are just my free thoughts. This is not legal advice and no I am not a lawyer. Just a future lawyer and present third-year law student.

  • Mrs.TJ

    My heart goes out to this family I have expected the police had something to do with mitrices’ disappearance since the first time I read the story. I used to have faith in our judicial system and thought that every police offer was good people here to protect me…until I was pulled over for makin an “illegal left turn” I was BEAT by two white male officer and still don’t know why. I was slammed face first to the pavement and suffered a busted lip and a battered and bruised body. When I got to the police I was told I was arrested for refusing a breath test (which was never offered) and two counts of police assault. I was told I “grabbed one officers genitals and scratched the other”. WHEN? WHERE? I’m 5’9 and a half and weighed 145lbs at the time…I was so confused and couldn’t believe such a thing could happen to me NOT in the US this day in age but it did. I was BEAT, lied on, arrested and treated like garbage all because a white officer, for whatever reason, wanted to whoop my ass that nite. I truly feel and not only because of my experience that at least one of those officers know EXACTLY what happened to Mitrice. The motivation could easily be jealousy. She is a young BEAUTIFUL well educated black woman and let’s face it A LOT of
    ” them” Don’t like that. I really hope she’s found and whomever is behind her disappearance is EXPOSED. Shit like what the LASD pulled that nite was faulty as hell and i’d take their asses through the fire. Michael don’t EVER give up…they need to pay for what they’ve done.