Mitrice Richardson: Local News—Prop. 8 vs. Death/Murder of Black Lesbian

I just wanted to point out that the day we find out Mitrice Richardson is dead, Prop. 8 news trumps the news of her death on all of the television newscasts.

The irony? Mitrice was a Black lesbian and apparently gays getting married is more important to news directors than the death and probably murder of a young Black lesbian woman.

ABC 7 must have devoted a full 4 minutes at the top of the 4 p.m. newscast to Proposition 8 and about all of 90 seconds if that on reporting on the death of Mitrice Richardson.

Add to that, I haven’t seen a single statement from a gay organization regarding the death of Mitrice. But to be fair, I haven’t seen one from a Black organization either.

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The Court of Public Opinion

  • Chitown Kev

    …or from a woman’s organization, for that matter.

    And none of it is very surprising.

    (thumbs up)

  • Christian

    I find your complaint rather petty, and the motives behind it questionable. . While an important development in a year-long missing person investigation is certainly news worthy, Prop 8 is a landmark case that will likely reach the Supreme Court, carrying implications for the GLBT community and our society that reach far beyond marriage. In this post, like many of your articles, you seem to reduce the gay rights movement to “marriage” in an attempt to dismiss the GLBT movement as less important, less worthy, and better attended than issues facing African-Americans. Just like the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s was not “only” about black people using public bathrooms and sitting where they wanted on the bus, there’s a larger picture with the gay marriage issue that you seemingly purposely ignore. So instead of telling everyone “only” about the white A-gays, who supposedly speak for all gay people (while insisting conservative black religious leaders do not), why not focus your attention on how the other 99% of the GLBT community navigates sexual orientation and gender identity in world fill with teen and adult suicide, homelessness, physical violence, murder, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, bullying, family rejection, and any number of other very real adverse effects of being GLBT–even white ones?

  • Christian

    *while insisting black religious leaders do not speak for the entire black community