More Digitally Lightend Skin: Beyonce’s L’Oreal Ad

I don’t think this is what Beyone meant by ‘upgrade.’

Yesterday we discussed Queen Latifah’s leap to platinum and today we’ll take a look at singer Beyonce’s L’ Oreal ad and the apparent lightening of her skin tone.

What’s up with that?

Even African American Gone Platinum™ Barbie® appears to be darker than Beyonce. I’m just saying…

The Court of Public Opinion

  • It’s called advertising in a white world. White people don’t responed to skin color or hair that does not look like theirs, no matter who the star is. Studies have shown this very fact.

  • focusedpurpose


    it is called white supremacy. this world is not by any stretch of the imagination “white”. white is, in fact, the world minority not the majority.

    the notion that others must look white in order to be “acceptable” is sick at best.

    i do agree, however, that white folks do respond a little better to blacks and others that can stand in their midst and provide little to no contrast in color and hair texture; emphasis on a little. has there ever been any studies as to why? what is wrong with quite a few white folks and why is no one studying that topic? we know it is more popular to study how the survivors of this inhumanity respond; i just think it would be more helpful to figure out why there is such an inhuman streak in some whites, in the quest for world peace…

    blessings all,

  • @ focusedpurpose,
    Unfortunately it is what it is. As long as the majority of ad agencies are run by white folks, you will continue to see things such as skin being lighted and anythig else they choose to do. I speak from experience in the ad and marketing field. If you want to advertise in their world, then you got to play how white folks play.

    Miss B. could have said she was not going for any skin lighting, but how much money do you think she would have made. I’ll tell you how much, not a darn cent.

  • kimykali

    I also do not enjoy seeing the “whitefying” of persons of color. I don’t understand why it is considered by mainstream public to be beautiful only if your are light complected, blue eyed, etc. I do not find any these things attractive, especially when being falsely worn (via contacts/weaves/chemicals etc.) by persons not born with these physical attributes naturally! I really feel sorry for these people that cave in to the pressure of money and try to portray something they are not to be more “acceptable”. I usually will not financially support persons that choose this road by not buying their products. In the end they may make money, just not off me…