Thank you for the hundreds of emails inquiring about our beloved "Noah’s Arc."

Let me attempt to answer all of your questions the best that I can.

As of now, there’s no planned third season for "Noah’s Arc" on MTV LOGO.  Yes, I know that sucks.

If you want to email someone who can actually do something about it, I suggest contacting the folks at LOGO.  It was their decision and their decision only to cancel "Noah’s Arc."

Will there be a movie?

That’s a great question that I really don’t have the answer to.  I have never heard of a series being cancelled from television to go the silver screen and back to television again, but hey, anything is possible.

Why did NPR report that LOGO was coming back?

NPR reported the information that they had received from LOGO.

Did LOGO lie to NPR?

I don’t have an answer to that.  But I will say that it is common practice to confirm information before reporting it.  See previous question and answer.

Is the cancellation of "Noah’s Arc" on LOGO race-based?

Another excellent question that I don’t have the answer to.  However, Noah’s Arc was LOGO’s only regular African-American programming.

What LOGO’s Steven Fisher told CLIK Magazine on the topic of race:

This network is built on a foundation of diversity. We’re so proud of the show that’s why we’re taking it to the movies, it takes it to the next level, it helps us find who the whole audience is. This is great news—if you saw in the press release Patrik is as excited as we are.

Quote from Patrik:

“Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this little independent show in movie theaters!  Hats off to MTV Networks and Logo for believing in us enough to take Noah to that next level.”

Quote from Yours Truly:

In the entire time I have known Patrik, I have never known him to use the word "wildest" to describe anything.

What can I do to bring back Noah’s Arc?"

For starters, you can contact LOGO directly.  As I said before, this was their decision.

If you contact them through their website, don’t accept the form reply that they are sending to everyone regarding this cancellation.  Press them.  You deserve an honest answer.

Sign the petition started to show that there is a loyal fan base for Noah’s Arc and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

Shouldn’t we boycott LOGO?

You should do what you want to do.  Although, I suspect that LOGO won’t care because if they did, they wouldn’t have cancelled "Noah’s Arc."

Is there hope for Black same-gender loving people on television?

Yes.  hereTV is bringing the "DL Chronicles" to their network this spring!  This is a good thing and hats off to here!

What’s next for the cast of "Noah’s Arc?"

Don’t know, but I am sure they will be fine.  They are outstanding actors with good hearts.

The Pan African Film and Arts Festival will be showing the complete second season of "Noah’s Arc" on Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 8:30 p.m. at the Magic Johnson Theatres.  Members of the cast and crew will be in attendance.  If you’re in L.A., this is a perfect opportunity to show them how much you appreciated their role in the success of "Noah’s Arc."  I’m sure they could use it after all that’s been going on.

How Does Patrik Really Feel?

Only Patrik knows. Here’s the official quote from him on it.

I’m disappointed that we’re not doing a season 3 right
now, but the idea of doing a feature film version is
very exciting. I know a lot of the fans are skeptical
about Logo’s intentions and motives, but I can assure
you that this movie is real. We’ve already started
working hard on the preparation- I’m writing a
fabulous script and we’re planning a summer production
shoot. And if all goes according to plan, the Noah’s
Arc movie will hit theatres around this time next
year! So stay up- think good thoughts as we strive to
take NOAH’S ARC to new heights in a new medium. You
guys have been incredibly loyal and supportive during
these first two seasons, and I hope you’ll all
continue with us on this journey to a movie theatre
near you!

Patrik-Ian Polk

I hope this helps answer your questions and remember that I do not work for LOGO.  You really should be directing your inquiries to their staff who is ultimately responsible for the cancellation of the series.