There’s a great article in the Southern Voice (penned by Ryan Lee), Atlanta’s gay magazine, regarding efforts to improve the political and social climate for gay students at Morehouse College being led by current student Michael Brewer.

According to the Southern Voice, Brewer and Morehouse Safe Space, a gay student group at the historically black private school, are organizing a week of activities April 21-26 aimed at increasing awareness of homophobia and heterosexism at Morehouse. Dubbed the “No More ‘No Homo’ Initiative,” the weeklong campaign also seeks to eradicate one of the most commonly used epithets gay students encounter at the all-male college.

“It really came from a place of wanting to leave not only my institution, but my community in a better place than I found it in for those coming after me,” Brewer says. “I think the situation [for gay students at Morehouse] is definitely improving.

“It’s not quite as bad as it’s always been, but anywhere that hatred persists and tolerance is the goal, and not the standard, then there’s more work to be done,” Brewer adds.

The initiative kicks off April 21 with the showing of “No Hetero,” a documentary produced by three film students at neighboring Spelman College. The film uses the experiences of gay and lesbian students at Morehouse and Spelman to look at the broader issue of sexual orientation discrimination among African-Americans.

Bravo to Michael for taking the lead on this. Michael wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last Black gay student attending a HBCU. It’s exactly these types of efforts that will undoubtedly make life easier for some young man or woman on campus struggling with their sexuality. It also lets them know that they are not alone.

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