I managed to get to the movies and see Idlewild this weekend and I must admit that I enjoyed the film immensely.

Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton of Outkast were amazing and convincing in their respective roles as Percival (Benjamin), the club’s shy piano player, and Rooster (Patton), the club’s showy lead performer and manager.  Macy Gray, was, Macy Gray.  I thought her performance was good, not Oscar worthy, but she’s definitely growing as an actress.  I liked her performances, especially the opening sequence where I caught a little woman on woman action.  Hot!  Not much to say about Paula Jai Parker’s performance.  For me, she was the same character in a different film, if you know what I mean.  Bad guy Terrence Howard had no difficulties nailing his role.  Again, same character different film.  I most enjoyed Paula Patton as Angel, the love interest of Percival.  She breathed life into the film and was very convincing in her role as a wet behind the ears singer. 

Without ruining the film for those of you that haven’t seen it, I will say that there is one scene that was as much bizarre as it was captivating in which Percival sings lovingly to a dead Angel as he embalms her.  Deep!

At some point, the film became a little predictable, like when Cicely Tyson’s character hands Benjamin’s character a Bible and he puts it in his inside coat pocket.  I knew then that the Bible was going to save his life by stopping a bullet, which it did.  Predictable.

While I will say that the hop hop musical numbers performed didn’t fit with the time period of the 1930s, for the most part I liked the music and the dance sequences. 

One of the best parts of the film were the costumes.  Beautiful!

As for the cinematography, tens across the board. Bryan Barber really did a stellar job on both the writing and the directing of Idlewild.

Any movie that I don’t fall asleep on usually gets high praise from me.  Idlewild is one of those moves.  In addition, the soundtrack is nothing to sleep on either. 

Go see the movie, buy the soundtrack.  You’ll be glad you did.

Idlewild gets tens across the board from me.

What did you think of Idlewild?