Way to close for comfort as I can literally look out the window and see Johnnie’s Pastrami’s from house.  And as usual, I can always count on the local news to cover any murder in the hood—but, Johnnie’s Pastrami’s isn’t in Jefferson Park, it’s in West Adams, Crenshaw and Adams Blvd.’s to be exact.  I’d even accept Mid-City.  You’d think that the news crews might have seen that shiny new neighborhood taxpayer funded sign right by Johnnie’s Pastrami’s.  News writers, both print, television, and radio, should have to study and get to know the areas that they’re writing about.  This kind of thing happens way to often on the news and it’s very irritating.

What I will say is that this murder didn’t stop a thing as there was a line of Black folks this morning waiting on their pastrami burger and it was business as usual.