“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Another year passes.

This year, more than in years past, I noticed that the older I get the more conservative and cynical I am becoming—but isn’t that how it usually goes?

Some days I feel like I’m still figuring out who I am.  Most days I know exactly who I am but I’ll admit that most people haven’t got a clue when it comes to me.

I’m a blogger to some, a troublemaker to others—none of which defines me.

Now more than ever people are forever trying to put fit me into their boxes.

Secret Black Lives Matter Member/Supporter. 😐
Undercover Police Officer. 😐
Community Activist.
Racist. 😕
Police Hater. 😕

My emancipation doesn’t fit their equation.

Let me tell you what is fact and what is true.

I write a lot and I’ve got much left to do.

I have a blog, but it’s not my life—it’s just been my therapy since 2004.  I’m gay, but today, who isn’t?  A nigger, nah.  I do think Black lives matter but I, like most Blacks, wasn’t born into this world a card carrying member of Black Lives Matter, the NAACP or any other pro Black group. Police officer, no.  I think my trip through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s virtual training firearm simulator told that story.  Community activist.  No, not really.  I just care deeply about certain issues and to the extent I can use my voice to call attention to them I do. Racist, nah.  I love me some white people way too much for all of that.  And as we all should know by now, I’m not against the police.  I’m not against the police department, but I am against police who commit misconduct (and those who help to cover it up).

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons.  I’ve made a lot of friends.  I’ve traveled around the world and still have a ways to go.

I ❤️ life.

I love who I am, I love who I ain’t.

I’m trying to hard hold on the belief that there is still some inherent good in humankind—but some days are harder than others.  On those days, Coldplay, Heartless Bastards and Sheryl Crow usually get me out of my funk and keep me going.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in life so far and for the trust that people have in me and every day I strive to be a better me.

I’m looking forward to another year to get it right and move that much closer to the next chapter in my life.

I am and will forever be

A lover of rock music
A fan of all things 80’s
A lover of females
A Nerd
A Writer
A lover of all things radio
A creature of habit
Thankful for my day one’s

I never threw away that paper with my Grammy speech because I haven’t hit the pinnacles I plan to reach. Yeah, you gotta own it if you want it.

I’m taking my freedom,
Pulling it off the shelf,
Putting it on my chain,
Wear it around my neck,
I’m taking my freedom,
Putting it in my car,
Wherever I choose to go,
It will take me far.

Golden. Peace. 🙏🏾