My Hero: Muntadar al-Zeidi

Can someone please nominate Muntadar al-Zeidi for a Nobel Peace Prize or something?

On his ‘farewell’ visit to Iraq as US President, George W Bush, journalist, Muntadar al-Zeidi, threw two shoes at Bush — one after another — during a joint news conference with Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad yesterday and shouted “it is the farewell kiss, you dog.”

Instant vintage!

“All I can report is a size 10,” the president joked.

Bush, who ducked both throws, said he has seen a lot of weird things during his eight-year-long Presidency and that he would term the latest incident as “one of the weirdest”.

“And it was amusing. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of weird things during my presidency and this may rank up there as one of the weirdest. So this happens and it’s a sign of a free society,” Bush said.

“But I’m not insulted. I don’t hold it against the government. I don’t think the Iraqi press corps as a whole is terrible. And so, the guy wanted to get on TV and he did. I don’t know what his beef is. But whatever it is I’m sure somebody will hear it,” the US President told ABC channel.

After the incident, Iraqi government said that the scribe, who works with Al-Baghdadia channel which broadcasts from Cairo, has been held for questioning by the Prime Minister’s guards and is being tested for alcohol and drugs.

Meanwhile, the television channel demanded the immediate release of its journalist and called the scribe as a “proud Arab and an open-minded man.”


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Yeah, but George Bush is no mug!

  • Smooits

    I’d love to see your reaction if shoes were thrown at Barrack. I guess it’s okay to attack Bush or any white man ’cause they got it coming. You can’t even stand seeing Barrack take a hard question — then again he’s a black man and deserves an easy life ’cause all of history has been hard on blacks and easy on all whites.

    Love you girl, you are so deep and thoughtful.