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Now I have to admit, the thought of all of the remaining members of N.W.A. all together for a reunion in Los Angeles is like a dream come true–HOWEVER–after reading an L.A. Weekly blurb about the so-called reunion my spidey senses are telling me this might be someone’s idea of a bad April Fool’s Day joke.

L.A. Weekly

Well, it was bound to happen. All the living members of N.W.A. are reuniting for a one-time only free show at the Santa Monica Pier, with Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator reenacting Eazy-E’s raps in character. The event is a benefit for the charity Rappers Against Tsunamis, with all proceedings going to R.A.T.’s outreach work training at-risk youth on tidal wave prevention. Warning: Make sure you triple-check your calendars to make sure you understand which day this is happening — you really don’t wanna be fooled driving all the way to Santa Monica on the wrong date.

The first hint that this might be is joke is that free concerts don’t make money.  So this organization, that I’ve never heard of and I would have, Rapper’s Against Tsunamis, yeah not sure how free proceeds benefit their cause.  Feel me?

Second, outreach work training at-risk youth on tidal wave prevention?  Really? Tidal wave prevention.

And third, in my circle of friends I would have heard about this a long time ago and yet, it’s only just popped up online.

I don’t think so.  Like I said before, I think this is someone’s bad idea of a April Fool’s Day joke and they need their chin checked.  You just do not play around with people’s emotions and our beloved N.W.A.  Plus, it’s very bad timing too with the passing of Nate Dogg and many of us needing to see our familiar favorites and begin the healing process of having lost one of hip-hop’s greatest stars. Something tells me that this is the brainchild of someone who is not Black, not a die hard N.W.A. fan, and doesn’t have the common sense to understand that a community is still in mourning over the loss of Nate Dogg.

Don’t quote me boy cause I ain’t said shit.