A pet peeve of mine for the past several years has been the lack of recognition from our own regarding "Noah’s Arc."

This year I fought tooth and nail to make sure the show was submitted for consideration given the fact that it had met all of the requirements to be submitted.  After much emailing back and forth and with the help of  the series creator Patrik-Ian Polk (pictured) and executive producer Carol Ann Shine, Logo was finally convinced, and yes I said convinced, to submit the show.  And they did it begrudgingly; I have the emails to prove it.  As a matter of fact, it was dragged out up until the deadline for submissions.

You’re probably thinking the same thing I was at the time.  Why would it even be a question as to whether or not to submit “Noah’s Arc” for consideration for an Image Award?  But it was not only questioned, but when downsized as well because apparently it was too costly to submit for all of the categories the show was eligible for.

Just another reason why I am skeptical on the release of a “Noah’s Arc” movie. I mean if it was too much to submit the show for an award, how then is it not too much to make a movie for Logo.

Anyway, on the issue of diversity and the NAACP Image was discussed.  While the Image Awards were lauded for their inclusion of Latino’s and the nomination of the hit show “Ugly Betty” (ABC), questions were raised regarding “Noah’s Arc.”

Image Awards executive producer Vicangelo Bullock said, “The NAACP believes in diversity, and our show is multicultural from an African-American point of view.  We have a unique relationship with the Hispanic community, the Asian-American community and the Native American community.”

That may true but what about the gay community.

On the issue of “Noah’s Arc” he quoted as saying “The show was submitted. I just don’t know if enough audience has sampled the show. I don’t know why a major network wouldn’t gamble on ‘Noah’s Arc’ the same way they did on ‘Will and Grace.’ I’m not a programmer. I think that if it’s quality programming, it speaks to our humanity. That’s what broadcast television is supposed to be about.”

The mission of the NAACP Image Awards is to honor those people in the entertainment industry who have uplifted the image of Blacks through their work.

I can’t think of a single show that tops “Noah’s Arc” in that area.
“Noah’s Arc” gave life and an image of to millions of people of what it’s like to be a Black gay male in America.  Whether you liked the show or not, one this is undeniable, it “Noah’s Arc” is truly a groundbreaking show.

When you speak of image, that show did a lot to empower both same gender loving men and women across the country and showed that Black gays were just as much Black as heterosexual Blacks and that we go through the same issues as everyone else.

So is “Noah’s Arc” going to have to air on a major network like NBC, ABC, or Showtime before it will be recognized for the groundbreaking show that it is?

In the same article Patrik says, “At this point, there is only handful of truly black TV shows where the main cast is African-American," he says. "I’ve counted five, including ‘Noah’s Arc,’ that are left. Every year the (NAACP) comes out with reports on how many black characters there are each year. This year the numbers were surprisingly low.”

And they were just lowered with the cancellation of “Noah’s Arc” on Logo.

So,what are the chances of the “Noah’s Arc” movie being released this year nationally and being submitted for an Image Award next year?

I guess only time will tell.

At any rate, the Image Awards are being held Friday here in Los Angeles and I will be attending all of the festivities.

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