Be sure to check out NBC’s Dateline this Sunday.

I’ll be on with Dateline correspondent Josh Mankiewicz discussing possible next steps for America, especially Black America, in the aftermath of Don Imus and in working towards eradicating the words ho and bitch as well as other commonly used derogatory words including nigga and fag out of the media. I will also talk about the effects a Don Imus has on Black children verses some of today’s leading rappers and to what extend we as Blacks have contributed to this problem.  Which is worse?  To be called a ho by a 66 year-old white man or by one of your own? Oh and of course there’s Snoop Doggy Dogg’s "hos in the hood" comment to dissect.  Should be interesting?

Check your local listing for channel number and times.

For my Angelino’s, 7 p..m. Sunday, Channel 4.