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It seems hair wasn’t the only thing Busta lost when he cut off of locs, apparently he lost his mind too.

The new promotional remix of rapper Busta Rhymes’ hit single “Touch It” features Lloyd Banks, DMX, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, Papoose, and Rah Digga. 

It also features a new line from Busta saying “Fuck you faggot, I shot at you!”

Yes, you read right.  It seems Busta has been hanging out with DMX for too long, who has been linked to homophobic lyrics before.

Busta Rhymes (born Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. on May 20, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York) punningly took his name from former NFL football player George "Buster" Rhymes. Trevor Smith is of Jamaican heritage, which could be a reason for his latest slip of the tongue. At the age of 12, his family moved to Uniondale, a suburb of New York City on Long Island, where he was raised and eventually met up with other MCs from the growing New York area hip hop community.

Earlier this year in Byron Hurt’s documentary ‘Beyond Beats & Rhymes,’ which challenged rap’s portrayals of masculinity, women and violence, the Smithtown-born filmmaker asked Busta Rhymes to explain the link between machismo and homoeroticism in hip-hop. Busta was so unwilling to go there he got up and walked out of the room. Perhaps he’s lashing out now.

Six Degrees or Less of Separation

Aftermath Entertainment was founded by Dr. Dre in 1996. Dre was originally co-owner of Death Row Records with current Death Row CEO Suge Knight, but left that label in early 1996. Aftermath is distributed through Interscope, a unit of Universal Music Group.  Universal Music Group, formerly MCA Music Entertainment, is the largest major label in the record industry. With a 25.5% market share, it is one of the Big Four record labels. It is owned by French media conglomerate Vivendi Universal. They have some of the world’s biggest artists including Mariah Carey (huge gay following), Eminem (no comment), Kanye West (hates homophobia), and 50 Cent (has lesbian mother). It also owns one of the largest music publishing businesses of the world, the Universal Music Publishing Group.

"Universal Music" was originally the music company attached to film studio Universal Pictures. 

The irony of this latest attack on gays from the hip hop community is that there will be many gays and lesbians dancing their asses off to this song and will probably never even catch what Busta said.

Currently, Busta’s single “Touch It,” which is out on the Aftermath/Interscope label, is number 5 on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks Chart.

Click here to listen to clip

A big thanks to Seattle’s Jeff Hobbs for passing the clip along to me.