Working Californians, an independent expenditure committee that includes educators, public sector employees and workers from the electrical, health care, property services and homecare industries, kicked off a radio campaign on behalf of Jerry Brown today targeting African-American voters in Los Angeles County.  Featuring Earvin “Magic” Johnson, the ad focuses on Brown’s willingness to work with and not against President Barack Obama to protect vital services in the community, including In Home Supportive Services, public education and public safety.  The ad also highlights Brown’s track record as Governor when he created 1.9 million jobs and his relationship with the African-American community over his many years of public service.

“We know how important the African-American vote is in California and do not take for granted that just because Jerry Brown is a Democrat African-Americans will vote for him,” said Brian D’Arcy, IBEW Local 18 Business Manager and Working Californians co-chair. “Unlike Whitman’s campaign, as Democrats we believe that the same respect that’s given to other communities must be given to the African-American community.  The Working Californians IE and Jerry Brown respect the African-American community and know that their support on Election Day is key to winning the Governor’s race.”

The ads will run on several radio stations that cater to an African-American audience in Southern California through Election Day, including Radio Free® 102.3 KJLH (KJLH-FM), Los Angeles’ only Black owned radio station. The ad campaign comes on the heels of the IE’s successful Spanish language TV ad campaign and an extensive English language radio campaign.

“The Whitman campaign has shown little effort to communicate her candidacy to African-Americans,” said Marvin Kropke, Business Manager of IBEW Local 11 and co-chair of Working Californians.  Kropke continued, “Clearly Whitman’s campaign is showing a lack of respect for the African American vote, a fact that I think African-Americans have noticed and will take with them to the ballot box on November 2nd.”

Working Californians was formed in 2006 to support causes and candidates that improved the quality of life for average Californians. That year, Working Californians led a broad coalition of labor and business that supported John Chiang for Controller and played a significant role in his election.