GordoneThings aren’t going so well for National Public Radio’s "Black show" "News and Notes with Ed Gordon."

Eric Deggans reported today in the St. Petersburg Times that News and Notes "has lost 17 percent of its original weekly audience – about 185,000 listeners." According to Deggans, stations in major markets such as Chicago, New York and Cleveland have dropped or downgraded the show.

Me personally, I believe it’s all a consipiracy to keep us in the dark.  We are stronger when we are unified and know what’s going on in our community.  If we don’t know, we can’t react.

I have been a guest on numerous times on News and Notes and not once have I ever been able to actually hear myself on the radio, I always have to listen online.  Why?  Because Los Angeles NPR stations do not carry it.  Which I might add is a shame considering how huge a market radio is in Los Angeles.  I meam c’mon, everyone drives here and traffic is a mess.

I think it would be a huge disservice to Blacks if News and Notes were to go off the air.  Hopefully they will be able to regain some if not all or more of their listening audience in the near future.