Newtongate: A Picture’s Worth 5000 Dollars

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

This is part 2.1 of three. Click here to read part one, The LAPD Captain who Committed a 484.  Click here to read part two, The LAPD Captain and the Missing $10,000.

So continuing on in our Newtongate series which so involves the theft of almost $9,000 in cash and a $10,000 sponsorship check from State Farm , I was passed along these little goodies from an anonymous source within the Department.

If you remember, I told you that Newton Division Captain III Edward Prokop replaced then demoted Captain Jorge Rodriguez.  One of the things Prokop set out to do was to take control of the Newton Police Activities League (PAL) and when he couldn’t do that he had the LAPD disassociate itself from the nonprofit and started the Newton Police Athletic Activities League, PAAL.  Prokop’s boss Deputy Chief Jose Perez sent PAL the official disassociation letter.

Here are some great flicks of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Captain Prokop, and Officer Darius Trugman.  Trugman you may recall was one of the two officers I was told that went to a Wells Fargo bank in Beverly Hills to help assist with the removal of almost $9,000 from the PAL account that was then transferred into the PAAL account that was then returned back to the PAL account under the threat of legal action from both PAL and Wells Fargo.

Enjoy!  And–yes Newtongate part three is coming soon.

(L-R) Captain David Kowalski, Police Officer 3 Darius Trugman, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Captain Ed Prokop attend the 2013 Los Angeles Police Department South Los Angeles PAAL Awards Gala at Peterson Automotive Museum on November 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

(L-R) Captain David Kowalski, Police Officer 3 Darius Trugman, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Captain Ed Prokop attend the 2013 Los Angeles Police Department South Los Angeles PAAL Awards Gala at Peterson Automotive Museum on November 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.


LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Captain Ed Prokop attend the 2013 Los Angeles Police Department South Los Angeles PAAL Awards Gala at Peterson Automotive Museum on November 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.



Captain Ed Prokop received a $5,000 check from the MetLife Foundation for the Newton PAAL

The Court of Public Opinion

  • cutty sark

    Councilmember Englander and the COP convinced the City Council to pay $50,000 on a Reward For Information Offer. Where did the money really go?

    The submission from the COP listed the recipients as Anonymous and Anonymous.
    An anonymous identity is allowable on payment of reward if there is a reasonable belief the tipster could be targeted for retaliation.

    In this particular case the identity of the two individuals has always been openly available in news reports about the case and trial transcripts. There has never been a request made to protect their identity. The only effort to conceal their identity is found in the Request for Payment of Reward. The only person who signed the request was Chief Beck.

    Why did Chief Beck need to get his hands on $50,000 cash?

  • cutty sark

    $6,000 for the pony
    $10,000 from the State Farm charitable donation.
    Untold thousands of $$ from the 15th Annual Newton PAL Golf Tournament held in May 2013 and the
    15th Annual Newton PAAL Golf Tournament in May 2014.
    $50,000 from payment on a Reward for Information which was never requested by the 2 individuals who were designated to get the payment.
    Why does the Chief need all this cash?

  • cutty sark

    How much cash does he need?
    When will he have enough?
    The COP would probably also like to know when its enough, but the individual(s) who are the final recipient haven’t stopped their requests.
    They will probably continue to need more and more.

  • cutty sark

    Now can you finally understand why the COP called a news conference to present Giovanni Ramirez as a suspect in the Dodger Stadium assault case?
    And why the COP staked his reputation on convincing us they had fingered the right suspect?
    The COP and his accomplices at Northeast Station were going for the $250,000 reward money.
    Detective Carillo told us the tip on Giovanni Ramirez came from his parole officer. The parole officer is ineligible to get the reward.
    The plan was to bring in the second Dodger Stadium assault case suspect on a confidential tip from a private citizen. They would bring in the second suspect(who is under the control of the COP) with everything already worked out. Second suspect enters Guilty plea with cooperation to testify against Giovanni Ramirez.
    Giovanii either does smart thing and also accepts a negotiated plea or he goes to trial and 95% chance he gets convicted by jury based on testimony of suspect #2 and receives long sentence.
    Now COP can request payment of $250,000 reward to give to anonymous tipster(Beck gets access to $250,000 cash with zero reporting requirements.)
    As we know, that plan backfired.
    But now we know why Beck went on television to give us the hard sell on Giovanni Ramirez.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    Do Beck, Prokop and Trugman look like cats that just ate the canary? Of course Stevie Wonder Soboroff is so pleased that LA is lucky enough to have these fine men in blue doing their bidding.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    With those people its NEVER enough

  • CityEye

    The fact is the COP doesn’t get the money from any rewards. The money goes directly to the family from a set up bank account. This news is really unfortunate because the youth programs like PAL do a lot for kids all over the City. Investigate all the money Paysinger and his close “friend” Natalie Torres take in from all the youth programs throughout City.

  • cutty sark

    Pardon me, but the City Council motion authorizing payment of Reward for Information gives instructions to:
    1. City Controller to transfer funds into LAPD Secret Acct.#xx
    2. LAPD to pay reward to approved requester. This can be paid in check or directly in cash.

    What are the controls on this money except for blind faith?
    Did I miss something?

  • cutty sark

    PAL was founded to provide an alternative for kids susceptible to influence towards personally destructive behavior and socially destructive behavior.
    The demographics within Newton Station boundary are heavy with risk factors for recruiting by gangs –
    First/Second generation immigrant low income single-parent household, parent(s) with limited education and minimal English fluency.
    The need is high in Newton area for a well-funded PAL.
    However, let us not forget that PAL offers ideal conditions for adults operating under cover of trust given their badge who seek a steady supply of kids to select as targets for ingratiation, manipulation, and grooming for eventual control and exploitation.

  • cutty sark

    Would you have complete confidence to leave your kids in the care and control of those seen in the photos above?

  • cutty sark, December 11, 2009
    …..Kenny worked all day Wednesday and then went out for some dinner and ultimately went to the Academy Bar for some drinks. He left the bar after midnight and investigation is ongoing as to where he may have gone after that. However, he clearly was over the allowable limit for alcohol consumption when he became involved in a single vehicle accident (on his personal motorcycle) at approximately 2:15 AM, which resulted in his death………

    …………There is a comprehensive investigation into this incident. Whenever anyone dies as a result of a traffic collision we take it very seriously. All factors will be looked at including the role the Academy Bar played. Appropriate action will be taken once the investigation is complete and all the facts are known………….

    ……..I had the honor of being his commanding officer first at Newton Area and later at Northeast Area………..

    ………When I got to Northeast Area I wanted to create the very best community relations office on the Department. We needed to improve our youth programs and we went out and recruited Kenny to come here. Kenny maybe the very best Police Athletic League (PAL) officer on the entire Department and his reputation in this area was stellar………

    ………Kenny then created the first Northeast PAL. He recruited a board of directors to oversee it. He then went out to all the schools, parks and recreation programs, and various community groups to recruit kids (many from economically disadvantaged families) that he could mentor in the PAL program………


  • cutty sark

    December 17, 2009

    …..Aragon’s blood-alcohol level was “well over” the legal limit, said LAPD Cmdr. David Doan, who is overseeing the inquiry into Aragon’s death…….

    ……Former Deputy Chief George Beck, who is with the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club — and is also the father of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck — said that beginning in January the bar would be operated by a third party, shielding the police department from potential legal problems.

    The elder Beck also said the bar would not be open on paydays.

    “We’ve had one accident. We don’t want another,” he said.

    Investigators say Aragon left the party around 12:30 a.m. — nearly two hours before the crash. They’re trying to determine where he was during that time, including whether he went to another bar and continued drinking.

  • cutty sark

    December 2. 2009 was not just any average ‘Payday Wednesday” at the Los Angeles Police Academy Revolver and Athletic Club bar.
    It was the eve of the inauguration of George Beck’s son as LAPD Chief.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    HELL NO! That would be like having Roger Mahoney come over and help my 16 year old son take a shower

  • NinaG

    I’ve been working for these A-holes for twenty years now (civilian). It seems that every jerk I ever encountered is being named in all of theses scandals: Deputy Chief Perez (Mr. Mijo), Commander Murphy (wash your hands!), Sergeant George Hoopes (gads, who would sleep with that?!), Commander Weinstein (short woman complex), etcetera. And I always thought it was me who could only see the degradation, cheating, lying and scamming that has always been going on. It is refreshing to see the chickens coming home to roost..

  • Dirty Chief

    What about Rubi Mallachi? She “worked” for Chief Beck at southeast when she was an officer. She “worked” in his office when she was a Sergeant. She “works” there now as a Lieutenant. She’s currently on the Captain’s list (not in published list). I wonder if he’s going to make her a captain. Guaranteed. Puta

  • 1942 transient

    Thats funny!!!!!! Your comments are the best..

  • Lapd Truths

    Wow sad what people will say hiding behind the mask of social media but they don’t dish out there own deficiencies and dirty laundry.

  • Lapd Truths

    Funny how the outspoken sgt marx dishes out everyone else but says nothing of her late work, excessive use of sick time hiding behind a desk all her career and so called stress case after being scolded for consistently turning in complaints late or right at statute. Or lets not even bring up the retired sgt dorsey who after 20 years and 2 years in the field gets on tv as a so called expert of uof ? What a joke. If we are relying on these two as spokespersons for the hardworking officers of LAPD we are truly desperate.

  • 1942 transient

    “Shut Up Meg!”.. Thats from Family Guy.

    Your point is stupid and not well thought out. Both are sergeants and one works IAG. This is about Beck and his corruption and nepotism. We are truly desperate for reasons related to Beck not your phony and transparent attempt at mis-direction in attacking Marx and Dorsey. “Attack the messenger,” isnt that right you puke. Nice try but its stupid. You’re obviously a friend of Beck. Congratulations. You’re on a small island.

    And by the way, the spokespersons for the hardworking officers is the League Directors, right? No one is relying on Marx and Dorsey, we are just listening and what we hear makes sense. You obviously work IAG with that internal knowledge about Marx’s work product, sick time, and possible IOD claim. Now that we know that, your personal attack on her is suspect.
    Dont worry. Beck is getting another limited term so he can get his Chiefs pension so what are you worried about. And by the way, LAPD is all caps idiot, not lower case. LA Unified?

  • Lapd Truths

    One idiot defending another PERFECT Marx nunez and you great examples of LAPD SICK LAME AND LAZY

    Spend less time complaining and more working. Marx blames everyone else for her deficiencies and inability to get a man.

    Classic. Enjoy your miserable lives.

  • moore2317

    Was this the best remedy? I don’t think so! Close the bar on pay day and how would a third party change the out come? There’s other bars to go to.
    I knew Kenny and he was a great guy! A lot of folks at Newton were awed to hear of his accident and death, but I do not recall anyone being told his death was caused because of his blood-alchol level. If Cmdr. Doan said it was over the legal limit, I would believe it to be true. Cmdr. Doan is a very fair person who would look at everything during his inquiry.

  • moore2317

    It is not clear how monies could be taken out of the Wells Fargo Bank that represented the PAL funds and transferred into the new PAAL account after LAPD (Newton/OCB) disassociated itself from PAL. What reason or what justification was given to the bank to release the monies? So now, what happens to the PAL monies? Does PAL still exist or is it just Newton/OCB that no longer support PAL? What were their intentions of transferring the monies from PAL to PAAL? After all, based on what has been written, if it wasn’t for Capt. Rodriguez that money would not exist. Was Capt Rodrizuez demoted for someone else gain?

  • moore2317

    What about Michael Jackson’s funeral? Who paid for that? The city says funds were donated, yet LAPD had to work it. I think city officials should have to give an account of all funds donated from out side sources and an account of all monies received by them and what the tax payers are putting out with a lot of this miss used of funds so to speak. Who are the overseers? The communities only know what they are told and don’t always know what’s really going on.

  • moore2317

    Ask Chief Beck? He always say if you don’t want to address things in a forum of folks, you can always send him and e-mail. LOL Now whether you get a straight answer, that’s yet to be seen. If he doesn’t give a straight answer in a forum of folks, what can you expect one one one?

  • cutty sark

    Answer: choose one or more
    a. assume control of well established youth activities program. gain access to steady supply of disadvantaged kids.
    b. assume control of crown jewel – the well established Newton Pal Annual Golf for Kids Tournament fundraiser.
    c. golf tournament can be misused as conduit for cash from illicit donors
    d. control of Annual Newton PAL Golf for Kids held at Sierra La Verne Country Club offers opportunity to contact, ingratiate with Ron Ingles.
    e. Ron Ingles – works for L.A. County District Attorney as Law Enforcement Liason. Any L.A. County law enforcement agency officer subject of investigation which may result in criminal prosecution wants to be thought of favorably by Ron Ingles. Ingles is your man on the inside working to reduce, slow down, mitigate, stop criminal prosecution against you.

  • cutty sark

    My access to information concerning his death and the subsequent investigation is limited to what can be found from an internet search. With that In mind, i don’t see how Captain(now Commander) Murphy’s published statement would not stir anger and suspicion with anyone who knew and respected Officer Aragon.
    Anger because while Murphy contends that an investigation is ongoing, he also declares a conclusion which places ultimate blame on Officer Aragon for his own death. Murphy fills out his message with ambiguities, inference and misdirection.
    Similar suspect claims are found in news reports that investigators were focusing their efforts on determining how many drinks Kenny had that evening. That is a nearly useless endeavour. The man had enough drinks to bring his BAC to the quantity measured by proper testing – that is axiomatic.
    The LAPD internal record may contain a thorough listing of all events, witness interviews and statements, detailed evidence and reports to the satisfaction of the most demanding investigator.
    Have you reviewed the internal record of the investigation into Officer Aragon’s death?
    Because the public reports are so useless and utterly devoid of relevant detail that one is left grasping their blind faith in Doans and Murphy in order to shut their eyes to the classic constructs of a cover-up.

  • cutty sark

    This becomes important because we are looking at the leadership style of Chief Beck and Kenny Aragon represents the first death investigation of an LAPD officer which is conducted under Beck.
    Right out of the gate, the public is misled about the circumstances of Officer Aragon’s final day. Beck’s operatives offer up some of the salacious history of the Academy Revolver and Athletic Club in order to solidify the connection between the event attended by Aragon and the tradition of “Payday Wednesday”. They refer to the possible need for retraining of the bartenders on recognizing intoxication and the legal requirement to withold service of alcohol.
    Let Chief Beck and his father and Captain(now Commander) Murphy please step forward and deny that “payday wednesday” is purely incidental to the gathering at the Academy bar the evening of December 2, 2009.
    This was a special party hosted by George Beck to celebrate the inauguration of his son as LAPD Chief the following morning. The drinks were not 1/2 price. The drinks were on the house, courtesy of George Beck. Toasting the ascendance of Charlie Beck was not optional, it was obligatory.

  • cutty sark

    As far I can find in the available record, the public has not been told the cause of Officer Aragon’s death. “Motorcycle Crash” is not a cause of death. It is a cause of specific injuries to the body depending on the specific details of the crash which then resulted in death. And having a BAC which exceeds a certain legal benchmark is not an acceptable explanation for a solo motor cycle crash without knowing the details of the crash.
    That doesn’t worry me as long as his family and colleagues can access records of his death and the investigation of his death which leave no question as to their accuracy and completeness..
    But there is going to be a big problem if the investigation has never adequately answered the question of what Kenny was doing between the time he left the Academy at 12:30am and arrived at the crash site at 2:15am – a distance which he could have covered in 5 minutes at that time of night.
    That question was still under investigation 7 days after Kenny’s death, according to the message from Captain Murphy. That fact alone is monumental. It means that either:
    a.) the investigation into Officer Aragon’s whereabouts during the final 90 -105 minutes of his life was lacking in any sense of urgency or importance.
    b.) there was a thorough investigation which despite all efforts wasn’t able to answer the mystery of the final 90-105 minutes. This scenario is highly, highly improbable – 2% or less.
    c.) Captain Murphy has misled the public and the eyewitness/involved parties present at the Academy that evening have intentionally misled the investigation on the facts regarding Officer Aragon’s last 2 hours alive.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Nice try…I have not been “scolded” for turning in a complaint late– And I know people in that unit who turned in complaints several years late! And they weren’t scolded either. But I was removed from the unit for not falsifying a complaint that was a huge cover up. Wonder what you would have done??
    I haven’t hidden behind a desk ALL my career…but you are pretty close…I did do only about 8 years in the field. So you got me there. So what? that is more time than some former Chiefs have done.
    And I don’t know what stress case you are talking about–you obviously don’t have your facts straight. If you are talking about a medical thing, you are violating Department policy.
    I never claimed to be a spokesperson for anything, least of all the LAPD. But, at least I have the guts to sign my name to what I write. If you are so into Lapd Truths, start with your name.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force and have a Masters Degree, buddy. How bout you? And for the record, I am way beyond caring about “getting a man” but that was a good one. And again, I have the guts to give my name. What does it say about your character when you talk BS about people while hiding behind a fake name? Have the courage to put your name to what you write when you are bad-mouthing people. You are so brave.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    You sound so bitter! I am just trying to try and change a corrupt system so that is fair for everyone without the nepotism, cronyism and favoritism. Why in the world would that upset you so much? Interesting.

  • Cinderella

    I am sure the reply from him wil be something in the lines of “I’ll look into it and get back to you.”

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  • dimepeice55

    I imagine, this woman’s has helped cover up a lot of $hit, for the LAPD!

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