No, I didn’t the watch the Academy Awards.  As you may know I was in protest considering the fact that California could be about to lay off teachers and close schools due to our budget crisis.  Not to mention the homeless that were displaced and pushed out of site for the Oscars…

However, with that said, I am not surprised that Ruby Dee did not win for Best Actress.  It was a long shot to begin with.  While Ruby Dee is definitely deserving of the title, I don’t depend on mainstream (read between the lines) Hollywood to give us our accolades, hence the noticeable absence of The Great Debaters in the nominations.

Now, while I can certainly understand recognizing one’s work, I just can’t get down with the whole notion that in times of crisis, and let’s be clear we are in a state of crisis, the world should stop and focus on one red carpet, in one city, with people wearing clothes and jewelry that costs more than the entire life earnings some people can ever expect to ever make.  Not to mention that fact that the amount of food served at all of the after parties, whether they were benefits or not, could feed the homeless here in L.A. for week’s.  But hey, that’s just my opinion.  Obviously, the rest of the world felt otherwise.

Am I the only one that finds it a little too convenient that the Writer’s strike ended just in time for the Academy Awards?

And for the record, someone posted a comment about me not boycotting the NAACP Image Awards.  When the NAACP Image Awards pull the same amount media and fanfare that the Academy Awards do, and if we are still in a state of crisis, bring it up to me then.  Until then, don’t try to use the Black awards show as a way of making me a hypocrite.  The NAACP Image Awards didn’t displace homeless people and block off miles of public street so that people could prance around in their Sunday best on a red carpet.