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Well, it was February 2007 when it was announced that canceled Logo series “Noah’s Arc” would be repackaged into a feature length film.

That didn’t go over to well and sent ripples through the community.

At the time, "Noah’s Arc" creator Patrik-Ian Polk said:

“Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this little independent show in movie theaters!  Hats off to MTV Networks and Logo for believing in us enough to take Noah to that next level.”

To which yours truly replied:

“In the entire time I have known Patrik, I have never known him to use the word "wildest" to describe anything.”

At the time, it was announced that production was to start in the summer of 2007.

Well today, February 14, 2008, during BHM might I add (how appropriate), Logo has announced the green lighting of the Noah’s Arc movie and I for one couldn’t be happier but still remain skeptical until it’s complete and ready to premiere.  Talk is cheap, show me action, lights, and camera!

But in reading the press release announcing the film I couldn’t help but think about the film Dirty Laundry and it’s two city, two theaters, and one week release.  And I hope that Noah’s Arc the Movie doesn’t travel the same road and that when it’s time to place it in theaters we don’t see a repeat of Dirty Laundry that had a Black film opening in Chelsea and West Hollywood only…due to it’s gay content.

But until that time…we’ll just wait hope that Noah’s Arc the Movie is given the right treatment for a Black film…and not as a gay film.

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