Look—I am just as delighted as everyone is who supported the election of President Barack Obama that we’ve got a brotha, a sista, their daughters, and a grandma in the White House, but let’s not go cuckoo for Cocoa Pops people.

The nation—no make that world—was affixed on President Obama’s first 100 days of reign to the point that days before the Big Day, all news, local and national, pointed east to the nation’s Capitol. Which in theory, I don’t really have a problem with IF we do the same on the local level.

Yeah I know—here that bitch goes with that local level shit again—and you know what, you’re right. And I am going to stay on the local level as long as it takes.

I cram to understand our fixation with what the President is doing when we can’t turn the same attention to what’s going on right in our city.

Yes it’s been 100 days since we sent President George Bush packing and rolled out the red carpet for the Obamas. And in that 100 days, Los Angeles continues to be plagued with gang violence and homicides, our state’s budget is beyond repair, and don’t even get me started on our dilapidated public school system. In a few short weeks, we’ll be headed to polls to add more taxes on top of the new taxes that were just legislated, yet and still we have the audacity to be celebrating President Obama’s first 100 days.

I was afraid of this happening. I was afraid that once Black Americans saw the election of a Black man to the presidency that any chance of us focusing on what’s going on at home in our city and state would be overshadowed by the fact that, “we got a Black president now” mentality. As if, all is well with Black people.

How about we get together for the first 100 days of the new session of the Legislature and discuss whether we’re happy with the new taxes forced on us? Better yet, how about we get together after the first 100 days of the new school year to address how we’re feeling about the way our children are being educated in our public school system?  Maybe after the first 100 students dropout this year we could meet to see what’s really going on.   Ooh ooh, I know—what say you to getting together after the first 100 shootings in our neighborhood between rival gang members to figure out what can really be done to end this shit once and for all?

Yes, I went there and now I am going here.

Do you know why your rent went up?

It’s not because your landlord is a greedy asshole—ok I could be wrong on that. It’s not only because your landlord is a greedy asshole, but when property taxes are raised, who do you think the landlord is going to pass the cost off to? You.

Underpaid, unemployed, welfare receiving, Section 8 having, Food Stamp using, you.

You, who just registered to vote for the first time in 2008 but haven’t been back to the polls since then, even though there’s been two elections in the past several months.

You, who couldn’t tell me who represents you in city council or the State Legislature to save your life, but can tell me everything about what Obama has done in the last 100 days in office.

You, who hasn’t visited your child’s school since the last time you were a student there but yet and still want to bitch and complain about your child’s report card.

You, who wants to be out on the corner hustling Obama t-shirts and memorabilia screaming, “we gots us a Black president now—get your t-shirt!” but isn’t even registered to vote.

You who rolls around in your 2009 BMW with your “Obama Biden” bumper sticker, and a matching lawn sign on your neatly manicured greens that belong to the house you rent on top of that hill looking down on everyone else, but won’t donate some chump change to the local candidate running to represent you, your Beamer, and that castle you call a home.

Yeah, you.

And that’s just one example of what’s wrong with Black people’s fixation on all things Obama and our ignorance when it comes to the what’s going on in our very own backyard.

Let me tell you that the Obama’s sleep well at night. There’s no loud ass ghetto bird hovering over their neighborhood with a bright ass light shining at all hours of the night.

The Obama’s eat well everyday and don’t have to decide whether or not to go to KFC for chicken because it’s cheaper than buying the ingredients to make the same meal at home.

And I seriously doubt there’s any question about the quality of education that their daughters are receiving.

Can you say the same? I didn’t think so.

I may follow President Obama’s every move, but I’m an equal opportunity cynic. I do the same for those who represent me locally. I’ve got enough pessimism to spread around.

What’s it going to take to get that message through to the hood, that what happens locally affects us directly and faster than anything coming out of Washington? How come that message isn’t being drilled into our psyches in the manner that, “vote for Obama was?