NPR’s ‘News and Notes’ – Monday, October 20

Lovely peoples, I will be on National Public Radio’s ‘News and Notes’ with Farai Chideya on Monday, October 20. Topics up for discussion include a man shot three times for wearing Obama shirt, a seventh-grader called racist for wearing a Palin shirt, McCain on Letterman, Sarah Palin does SNL, and the Obama Camp responds to Jesse Jackson’s comments on ‘Zionists’

For exact time, check with your local NPR affiliate.

Listen to show here.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Jack Garvey

    Dear Jasmyne,
    My sugestion for you is try to be a guest on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show. Two important qualities are shared by Rachel and you:
    intelligence and sexuality. For some reason, I consider your support of Barack Obama when I suggest you being on Rachel’s show.
    My opinion is that you support Barack not because he shares your
    skin color, but because he offers the most promise for a future
    America. I suggest appearing on Rachel’s show not because she is a
    lesbian, but because she would allow you to express your beliefs.

    Jack Garvev
    Chicopee, MA