It’s official, on Friday, Obamamania hit Los Angeles and I quite possibly met the next President of the United States of America, Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

There are times when I like working in politics and there are times when I love working in politics.  Friday was one of those days that I found myself loving what I do.

With an audience of over 800, Senator Barack Obama addressed Black Los Angeles at the Urban Issues Breakfast Forum held at the California African American Museum.  The occasion, to sign copies of his latest book, “The Audacity of Hope” and to help Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides get out the vote.

Front and center, I listened attentively as the distinguished Senator from Illinois discussed his childhood and the state of America today.  He spoke with passion and from the heart on the war in Iraq, global warming, healthcare, the economy, and middle class America.

Now while I don’t agree with Obama on his viewpoint that marriage is between a a man and a woman only, based on what I’ve heard from him and read, I’d be willing to cast my vote today for him as President.  He may not be there yet, but he seems progressive enough to get there.  With Bush and his cronies, that isn’t even an option.

Obama has done something for Blacks that hasn’t been done in a long time, he’s given us hope.  Hope that perhaps there’s an actual chance for a Black to win the office of President of the United States of America and that we ourselves and spur change.

Is American ready for a Black man as President?  Probably not, given the current political and social climate and who still has the power.

Should that stop Obama from running?  Absolutely not.  If any Black has got a chance at being the next President, it’s him.

For me, being there to hear Obama speak was the equivalent of hearing Malcolm X, Huey Newton, or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak in person, of which I never had the chance. It’s been a long time since someone has been able to inspire and rev up the Black community on the issue of politics, and I have no doubt that if Obama ran for President, we’d have the highest voter turnout ever for Blacks.