This week’s Jukebox is dedicated to all of my Gen X folks born 1964-1980. Me, I’m reppin’ ’77.

It’s all about the 90s baby! Keith Sweat, Brownstone, Blackstreet, Dru Hill, Silk, Shai, Soul For Real, En Vogue, Groove Theory, Heavy D and the Boyz, Kenya Gruv, Color Me Badd and more!

Listen at your own risk! I can’t say that we were the most “conscious” during the 90s with our lyrics either.

Go ahead and reminisce. Pump It Up, Soul Train (the real one, lol), and long hot summer days playing domino’s and spades.

Shout out to my girl Margo who I know will be a happy camper with this week’s selection.

Peace n chicken grease!

Featured Jukebox

Featured 90s Video – Michel’le – Something in My Heart