We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


This story has been updated on 1/12/2016.  All updates appear at the bottom.

Now I try not to bother myself or others with the day to day shenanigans of the rank-and-file.  I prefer to keep my focus on the shenanigans of command staff.  However, today I am making an exception.

To begin, I don’t know the Los Angeles Police Officer featured in this video.  I’ll just refer to him as “Officer A-Hole”.

“Officer A-Hole” appears to be being a bit of a jerk for no good reason.  And for that, “Officer A-Hole” has earned himself a spot right here on my blog.

If you’re reading this and you know “Officer A-Hole”, please tell him to lighten the hell up and stop being such a smart ass.  It’s funny that cops usually don’t want or tolerate any sass from the folks on the streets but have no problem dishing it out.

At this point, both the cops and the public know the rules of engagement have changed.  Cops know, or at least they should know, they are likely being filmed when they are busting someone’s chops in the streets.  It’s not illegal when they aren’t interfering with the busting of the chops.  Standing in front of folk’s cameras doesn’t make them go away.

But seriously, I expect a certain amount of smartassness from police officers.  It’s part of their demeanor and character.  In fact, in some cases it can be downright funny–but this ain’t one of those cases.  “Officer A-Hole” looks and sounds like 1) he’s been on patrol a little too long, 2) he’s grumpy as hell and 3) he is in desperate need of a vacay.

Can someone please see to it that “Officer A-Hole” gets a vacay and soon so that when he returns to work he can have a much more–let’s say–pleasant attitude while dealing with the public he’s been tasked to protect and serve?

Thanks much!


It seems that “Officer A-Hole” has been identified as Officer Stuart Jaye from Hollywood Division.  Now Hollywood Division happens to be home to a few of my fav Los Angeles police officers.  Maybe one of those great officers in Hollywood I know can pull “Officer A-Hole” (and that sergeant) to the side and explain to them both the error of their ways.  Pretty please 🙂


So it’s official in that a complaint has been made against “Officer A-Hole” and “Officer A-Hole’s” sergeant.  Below are emails from the Department to the photographer acknowledging receipt of his complaint.  We’ve also been told a complaint has been submitted to the Board of Police Commissioners.

Jaye Email 1


Jaye Email 2



You know how I feel about teamwork, it makes everything work.

Now I will say that I thought it was strange for a man to have almost 30 years in the Department and still be a P2.  Well it seems that “Officer A-Hole” was a P3 at one point in his career and for reasons that I am sure will get emailed to me, was demoted. Rumor has it that our fav captain (not) Captain Ed Prokop, formerly of Newton now over at Metro, kicked “Officer A-Hole” out of Newton and sent him to Hollywood with a demotion. Now why he’d want to do that to the good folks over at Hollywood I just don’t know.  I’m told that they didn’t see eye to eye because Prokop played favorites. That’s the rumor.  Like I said, I am sure that someone will send me  all of the deets.

I’m also told that “Officer A-Hole” has done some good police work–work that earned him a Top Cop nomination.  It was “Officer A-Hole” who in 2014 helped catch Dirck Morgan White who was wanted for a murder back in Oregon.  I remember this, nice work.

However, I don’t care how many bad guys “Officer A-Hole” catches.  If the attitude he has in the video is his everyday demeanor, he needs to find a desk job and call it a career.


Just a quick note to say that the I’m told that female sergeant featured in the video has been transferred to Northeast Division allegedly for her inaction where Officer A-Hole was considered.