Sometimes shit hits too close to home.

Autopsies are expected to show that an 81-year-old Willowbrook woman and her daughter died in their sleep due to carbon-monoxide poisoning after using a natural gas-fired oven to heat their home, authorities said Saturday.

Doris Jean Hopson, 81, and Yvonne Hopson, 62, were found dead Saturday afternoon in their home  in the 2200 block of El Segundo Boulevard, sheriff’s deputies said.

A granddaughter went to check on the pair after being unable to raise them by telephone. She found the oven open, smelled gas, then got out and called authorities, deputies said.

“It appears as though the victims had opened the oven door and turned the oven on in order to heat their residence,” sheriff’s Lt. Michael Thatcher

Let me first start by saying that I am not above turning on the oven and heating up the front part of my house on any given morning.  It’s a lot faster and if I put in my turkey sausage and toast, I’m killing two birds with one stone—okay maybe not the best metaphor but you get the point.  In fact, on the day the Hopson’s died, I’d done just that as I have been home in the bed sick for days now. Not to mention my grandmother and aunt do the same thing (reminder to self, call Grandma and tell her TO STOP USING THE OVEN AS A HEATER).

Now I do have a room heater, but the DWP has just gotten ridiculously crazy with their rates so I’ve got to be able to see my breathe indoors before I’ll even consider using it.  My wall heater is okay but it really takes it sweet ass time in heating up my place and quite frankly it does nothing for my bedroom or my office.  I’m just saying.

I get much better results with the eyes on the stove and the oven.  But after hearing about the Hopson’s—maybe I’ll just go back to wearing several layers of clothes indoors—I ain’t trying to impress anyone anyway and it ain’t that cold to be using the room heater.  DWP gets enough of my money–in addition to the Gas Company.