So the John McCain-Sarah Palin camp has taken a big issue with the National Enquirer which is preparing to publish a story that Palin had an affair with her husband’s business partner. And McCain is threatening a law suit.

The Enquirer has gained prominence recently after it published a story that one time Presidential candidate John Edwards was having an extra marital affair. That story proved to be true.

Need the candidates be reminded that this is a campaign? And not just any campaign, a no holds barred campaign.

I’m sure the Obama’s were less than thrilled with the New Yorker’s cover that depicted Obama in a turban giving dap to a gun-slinging Michelle. But life went on and so did the campaign.

And given today’s political climate, I am not sure which is worse for a politicians career—an affair or being portrayed as ghetto Black and a Muslim. Often times while American voters hoop and holler about extramarital affairs, at the end of the day, we really do very little about it except for reelect those same folks to office.

All that is to say, if Palin had an affair, the best thing she can do at this point is come clean about it. Neither Democrats nor Republicans can point fingers when it comes to scandals—be them heterosexual or otherwise.

At this point, being a member of the party of moral righteousness with a pregnant, unwed daughter, and still being on the ticket—I doubt a little thing like an affair will present a problem for those already planning to vote Republican.

Besides, if nothing else, it just proves that men aren’t the only ones capable of stepping out in a marriage. Now you and I may already know that, but very rarely, do we see or read in the news about women who cheat on their husbands.