On the Resignation of Milo Yiannopoulos from Breitbart in 60 Seconds

By now the news has (hopefully) spread to every corner of the Earth that Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos is no more– at least where Breitbart is concerned.  We can only hope his resignation from public appearances is soon to follow.

Before you bust out the champagne to celebrate, I offer you this to consider.

Apparently you can liken a Black woman to an ape, degrade transgenders and the President of the United States of America (45th) will still have your back. But piss off white conservatives aka the Republican Party, and it’s off with your head.  In other words, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

The lesson folks, is that you can be racist (and transphobic) all day long but don’t stoke conservative fears about gay men and link them to pedophiles. Because it seems that NOTHING else Milo Yiannopoulos has ever said warranted his resignation from Breitbart or the ire of Republicans that is until he did so.  Noted.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Aslanted

    If you think he’s down and out, you’re frankly delusional. As with his Twitter banning, all this has done is boost his profile. And rightly so, because the attempt to spin this is strongly reminiscent of last week’s Pewdiepie BS. You may not like his particular brand of social commentary, but he’s well and truly here to stay, love.

  • I didn’t say anything about Milo being down and out. It seems you’re a cheerleader for his brand of insanity but around these parts–that 💩 will get called out at every instance. Instead of being up Milo’s ass just focus on what I said and not your alternative facts.

  • The real joke here is that I’m not even really a fan; I think he’s thoughtless and distasteful in general. Not to say he doesn’t make his fair share of poignant albeit unpleasant-to-hear points. But, I value freedom of speech above all, with the only consequence of it being arrest of those calling for violence. In that regard the likes of huge swaths of BLM and Antifa should be facing jail time, but Milo’s off-colour jokes should go unpunished.

    I’ll grant you that I went in hot last night, genuinely sick of what I see as people hailing the perceived fall of Milo, somehow you got the brunt of that, and for that I do apologise. But he’ll be back, and bigger than ever.