Ladies, this one is for you and before I begin, the answer is no.  No, the woman standing next to me is not my girlfriend…yet!!!  Lol!

You asked for it and it’s finally here…almost.

Filmmaker (“Triple Minority”) Amber Sharp has embarked on a new journey to bring lesbians of color to television and this past weekend in Palm Springs at Dinah Shore, her new project was formerly introduced.

Don’t Go” is a new lesbian series from Amber Sharp featuring a stellar and sexy cast of women of color.  Hence the photo above of me and SKyLeR.

You may remember SKyLeR from Debra Wilson’s documentary “Butch Mystique.”  Lucky for us, we’re going to get to see a lot more of SKyLeR in the new the series “Don’t Go” as she is one of it’s leading characters.

But back to the series.

A few months back, I posted a note that a new independent lesbian series was casting for women of color.  Well since that time, Amber has already shot the pilot episode for her new series “Don’t Go,”  which is a one-hour drama for television that tells the intimate story of the lives and loves of a group of vibrant individuals living in a Los Angeles fourplex.  Think “Melrose Place” meets the “L-Word.”

As I said earlier, the series has a gorgeous cast of talented women and men that won’t make it hard for you to get addicted. 

The series is currently in post-production and should start screening this summer.

While I am not a producer on the series, I do have a role in the production of the series, one that you probably would never guess.  I’ll let that cat out the bag later, but I am sure my friends who know me can probably guess what it is.  Let’s just say that it’s something that I am extremely passionate about and have a good knack for it, or at least I think so, lol.

I’ve already seen the rough cuts of the pilot and I have got to say ladies, it’s about to go down.  Amber and the cast and crew have really outdone themselves on this one.  I am so excited that there is finally a real series for women of color about to hit the market.

I promise to have more details for you soon, but I thought I’d give you all a heads up.

The website is under development and will be launched shortly, but in the meantime, you can stop by and sign up on the mailing list to get more information on the series.