One Month Later, Mother of Wakiesha Wilson Reduced to Begging for Answers

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

I’m telling you all of this having grieving families reduced to trotting downtown to the police commission just to get some sort answers is getting as tired as no one from the department being in touch with the families of those killed by officers or those who are “found” dead while in custody.

The latest mother to have to go before the police commission begging for answers is Lisa Hines, the mother of Wakiesha Wilson who as legend has it committed suicide on March 27 while in custody of the LAPD.  Today is April 26 and as Ms. Hines mentioned, she hasn’t had one single phone call, email, piece of mail or anything in the way of an update regarding the investigation into the death of her only daughter from the LAPD.  Now remember that this is the same department that also didn’t bother to notify her that Ms. Wilson had died.  No, that bit of bad news she called around and eventually got from the coroner.  Yes, the coroner.

All of it’s problematic and listening to her speak at today’s police commission meeting reminded me so much of Ezell Ford’s mother Tritobia Ford who had a similar complaint.  This is so endemic of this police department.  It really is.

Just like the department is trying to reevaluate how it “notifies” the next of kin of those who die while in their custody, they need to put that Community Relationship Division to some good use and develop a team that only handles the families of high profile cases involving officer-involved-shootings and in custody deaths.  The Department’s liaisons if you well. Community, relationship–I think you get the point.  At the very least, have someone call and say “we’re still investigating ma’am.”  Anything so that we don’t have to hear another crying mother talk about how no one from the LAPD has called her to tell her anything about the death of her child.  That ish is getting ridiculous and if I were Chief Beck with almost 10,000 employees including a good number hiding in the building that need something worthwhile to do, I’d be embarrassed.  But that’s me.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • cutty sark

    The City of L.A. has developed its own strange, illogical mechanisms of civic affairs – common sense does not apply.

    For example:
    You pay a Dept. of Sanitation fee on your electric bill which goes to fund hiring more police officers.

    Its understandable that Ms. Wilson has brought her plea to the Police Commission.
    LAPD Chief Beck attends weekly meetings of the Board of Police Commissioners.
    You can see the Board members and the Chief conversing and communicating; however, remember this – the Police Commissioners can’t tell the Chief nuthin’.

    I understand Ms. Wilson is probably worn out and broken just from grieving. I’m sorry to have to tell her this right now.
    But if she wants the LAPD to speak with her in any decent way about what happened to her daughter – then she needs to pack some sandwiches in a cooler, take a lawn chair and a flashlight and a sleeping bag and get over to Getty House in Hancock Park(the Mayors residence) prepared to camp out 24/7.

    Ms. Wilson needs to keep watch out for whenever the automatic gate of the rear driveway starts to slide open and a black SUV begins to pull out onto the street.

    She will need to run up into the path of the SUV and fling her body onto the hood of the vehicle.

    The SUV will come to an abrupt stop and security personnel will come running out of the compound and remove Ms. Wilson from the hood.

    She will naturally be in a state of extreme distress, shrieking and sobbing, – but she needs to remain focused on the front passenger side window of the SUV.
    That window will lower down several inches for the passenger to look out to see what all the commotion is about.

    As soon as she sees that, Ms. Wilson needs to yell out – “Please, Mr. Garcetti!! All I want is for Chief Beck to call me and talk to me about what happened to my daughter.”

    After that, Ms. Wilson needs to go home and get some rest. She needs to remember to stay near the telephone because she will probably get a phone call within 48 hours from a very patient, warm and soft voice on the other end.

    If there is still no phone call after 48 hours, then Ms. Wilson should put on her television to a local news broadcast where she can watch Mayor Garcetti on camera reminding the Chief to make the phone call.

    Its a wierd, messed-up system we have here in L.A.
    I didn’t create it and I don’t know who did, but obviously we are stuck with it until someone figures out how we can transition over to doing this kind of thing in a normal way.

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