Only in L.A.: The Weekly Police Pursuit


Only in L.A. can you have a friend visiting you from New York and during that visit while you’re sitting in the living room trying to watch television have your program interrupted for L.A.’s weekly police pursuit. During which, you have to explain to your friend that this is not really breaking news, just like when it rains, no matter what the news anchor says, especially when said pursuit is topping speeds of 10 miles per hour, in a Bentley mind you. I’m just saying…can you please change the channel or take me back to regularly scheduled programming?

The Court of Public Opinion

  • J.

    I know she wasn’t fazed if she’s from New York. lol! I’m just sayin…..

  • Last night, a man driving a white Bentley led police on a low speed chase around LA. It was a low speed chase because we’re talking about a Bentley which isn’t known for its speed.
    The chase ended when the alleged “assailant” stopped the Bentley, coincidental to where the pursuit began…and ended his own life with a bullet in his own brain…
    Only in Los Angeles, will something like this occur at a moments notice…and be so heavily televised.