Come out tonight to the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles for Outfest’s All Girl Friday. Outfest, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, is showcasing a slate of “all girl” films tonight, including my short flick The Incredibly True Adventures of Sistas of the Canyon, which is screening before Hanifah Walidah’s U People. Oh–and there’s an afterparty!

Outfest wraps up its 26th event on Monday, July 21, so if you’re in L.A., make it an Outfest weekend.

Complete schedule and info can be found online at

Other films on the schedule for tonight include:

Friday, July 18th, 7:00pm – DGA1
Sunday, July 20th, 2:15pm – FAIRFAX 2
Sometimes a girl’s life is like an obstacle course – trying to navigate ex-gay conversion, fights over babies and dildos and then there’s the prison beauty pageant. Or perhaps it is more like a mystery novel. What’s going on in that S & M dungeon? Why is big sis trying to dress like a boy? And why isn’t that hottie picking up her phone? This exceptional shorts program has it all!

Friday, July 18th, 7:15pm – DGA 2
In a brownstone in Brooklyn, a film about a film unfolds, and not just any film…but a documentary steeped with sexy, intelligent women who have gathered together to make a unique music video. The talented filmmakers capture what happens when 30 hot and sharp women of color convene, revealing a blend of experiences and perspectives that are rarely voiced. U PEOPLE is a powerful and engaging romp that enters a world seldom represented – and you’re invited to the party.

Preceded by the Incredibly True Adventures of Sistas of the Canyon

Friday, July 18th, 9:45pm – DGA 2
In the award winning and inspiring FOOTBALL UNDER COVER, we meet some of the world’s most passionate soccer players – who happen to be Iranian women. They train (fully covered) and trash talk like any self-respecting girl jocks, but they’ve never played a competitive match until a determined German women’s team challenges them to a friendly game in Tehran. Culminating in a thrilling match, FOOTBALL captures a small yet significant moment of equality for these women.

Friday July 18, 9:45pm – DGA 1
Fun, hilarious and honest, the British TV import SUGAR RUSH follows the adventures of Kim, a perky redheaded teenager. Kim is in lust – the object of her desire is gorgeous bad girl Sugar. Their relationship is mutually beneficial – Kim will do anything to be in the presence of the luscious Sugar, and Sugar has schemes to involve Kim in – lots of them and none of them very legal. These first episodes will surely leave you a SUGAR addict!

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