So it’s Wednesday, and this is OFFICIALLY my kick off to Dinah Shore Weekend. Whoo hoo!

It takes a lot of preparation to get ready for the lesbian freak neak of the year. I mean of course there’s the obvious stuff, clothes, shoes, sunscreen, etc. But this isn’t just any trip, this is Dinah Shore so I had to put together a special check list of items to make sure that I don’t forget anything.

Dominoes Check.
Domino Shit Talking Attitude Check. Check.
Car Washed and Waxed Check.
Locs washed, new growth twisted, color bumpin’ Check.Check.Check.
Bikini area waxed, underarms shaved Check.Check.
Extra pair of contacts Check.
Sunglasses Check.
Eyeglasses for backup Check.Check.Check.
Mani and Pedi (very necessary) Check.Check.
Assortment of CDS and iPod for the road Check.
Lipgloss Check.
Digital Video Camera (and you know this) Check.
Laptop (never leave home without it) Check.

Yes, I think that’s about everything. I’m looking forward to my little mini vacation in the sun and plan to make good use of the time. Hanging with old friends and meeting new ones, but most importantly enjoying being in the company of Black lesbians, something that believe it or not, I don’t often get to do.

I’m going to try and put myself on a no blogging regimen for the next four days. We’ll see if I can stick to it. If I do, I’ll give the Dinah Shore update next week sometime.

At any rate, enjoy the rest of your week wherever you are and if you’re headed to Palm Springs for Dinah…holla.

Check for the major events happening for women of color up top by clicking Dinah Shore on the menu. And thanks for all the love regarding my coming out…in my bikini. I think I’m ready to do this, lol.

I’m leaving single. We’ll see if I come back 1/2 of a duo. Ha!