As Paris Hilton makes headlines this week with her lawsuit against a website that published her personal business, new video footage of the socialite has surfaced on YouTube (scroll down to see it) that may do way more damage to her public image than that Web site ever could.

Perhaps one of her personal items exposed on the Internet is a video clip that clearly shows Paris using both the N-word and the F-word during a social function. 

In the footage, Paris and her sister Nicky are at a house party dancing by themselves to the sounds of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.” A male friend who dances in between them was referred to as a “faggot” by both Hilton sisters.

Then, at about 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the footage, Paris approaches the camera and laughs, “We’re like two niggers.”

The “Simple Life” star, who recently reunited with her black former best friend, Nicole Richie, steps to the camera again at about 3:55 to vent about a run-in with a woman at the party, whom she describes as a “f*ckin’ hoodlum, broke, poor bitch from like, Compton – public school bitch.”

To cap things off, the video ends with the videographer yelling, “Todd’s a thug nigga.”

Paris Hilton spewing racial and gay slurs.

Source: Eurweb.com