Okay, so Michael Vick did his thing and fessed up and made a deal.  Good for him.  As I see it, that was really the only way for him to go at this point.  I mean once PETA went on the rampage and his own buddies flipped on him, there wasn’t much point in trying to fight it.

For the record, I will state again that I am not a lover of dogs, I don’t hate them, but I am not googoo gahgah over them either.  I would not put the life of a four-legged animal over that of a human being, ever.  If it ever came down to me or Sparky, Sparky would have to go.

What Vick did was gruesome.  I don’t think that it calls for the media attention that it’s gotten, but then again, he is a Black man and at the end of the day, that trumps all.  But now there are talks of rehabilitation for Vick and I’m like “what the —.?”  Rehabilitation?  C’mon now.  Are we for real?  Can a person who fights dogs be rehabilitated for that anyway?  Vick knows to keep his ass out of the dog fighting ring from here on out and I’m sure the heavy fines and possible jail time he’s looking at is therapy enough. 

But more importantly than the calls for Vick’s rehabilitation are the calls for Vick to be allowed to return to the NFL.  Now what’s that really all about?  Of all the problems that ail Black people, do we really need to call attention to the need for a wealthy athlete to be allowed to play football again?  Where are our priorities?  Is this really the best use of our resources?  Making sure that one Black man can go back to playing football when across this nation there are thousands of disenfranchised Black people who will never in their life see the amount of money that Vick has?

I think not. 

You know, as Black people we can make up excuses for some of the most trifling of offenses…when we want to.  And I really wouldn’t mind so much with the Vick case if there was some balance.  We’re ready to stand guard and defend a dog fighter but won’t say a damn thing about a pedophile whose music we like.

Pedophilia doesn’t move us into action, but losing a quarterback does?

Go figure.

We could do better, but we won’t.