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Hear Lyga brag about his White Jeep Cherokee at 25:58 into audio clip


In case you missed it, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Frank Lyga has been relieved of duty or assigned to home (depends on who you ask) in light of “new information” that came to Chief Charlie Beck’s attention after Lygagate broke.

Any who, Detective or should I say Mr. Lyga has been relieved of his firearm, badge, and (drumroll please) his undercover vehicle that he could be heard bragging about in the audio recording that was released last week.

“I drive a white Jeep Cherokee with no front plate—usually 100 miles an hour in the carpool lane.”

Applause and laughter from other LAPD personnel follows that statement, even though you and I both know that it’s illegal to drive 100 miles per hour alone in your vehicle in the carpool lane with no front license plate.  I’m just saying.

Now you may be wondering how I have pics of Mr. Lyga’s undercover car.  Well let’s just say Lyga pissed off more than just us civilians with his comments —  his colleagues are none to happy with him either and to that end are just as happy he’s been “relieved of duty.”  So much so, they sent me these pics.  Thank you, by the way.

Just goes to prove, even veteran cops cannot go around calling their co-workers “fruits” and “morons” while putting members of the brass’ on blast along with the alleged sexual behavior of a captain without making some enemies along the way.


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