Pic: Lyga’s Undercover Vehicle Parked…Permanently

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Hear Lyga brag about his White Jeep Cherokee at 25:58 into audio clip


In case you missed it, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Frank Lyga has been relieved of duty or assigned to home (depends on who you ask) in light of “new information” that came to Chief Charlie Beck’s attention after Lygagate broke.

Any who, Detective or should I say Mr. Lyga has been relieved of his firearm, badge, and (drumroll please) his undercover vehicle that he could be heard bragging about in the audio recording that was released last week.

“I drive a white Jeep Cherokee with no front plate—usually 100 miles an hour in the carpool lane.”

Applause and laughter from other LAPD personnel follows that statement, even though you and I both know that it’s illegal to drive 100 miles per hour alone in your vehicle in the carpool lane with no front license plate.  I’m just saying.

Now you may be wondering how I have pics of Mr. Lyga’s undercover car.  Well let’s just say Lyga pissed off more than just us civilians with his comments —  his colleagues are none to happy with him either and to that end are just as happy he’s been “relieved of duty.”  So much so, they sent me these pics.  Thank you, by the way.

Just goes to prove, even veteran cops cannot go around calling their co-workers “fruits” and “morons” while putting members of the brass’ on blast along with the alleged sexual behavior of a captain without making some enemies along the way.


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The Court of Public Opinion

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  • BTW

    Nice! I’m sure the next undercover officer who gets that car will appreciate it.

  • Um, I am pretty sure that SUV is being retired, permanently.

  • BTW

    um, why would you think that?

  • Because pics of the car have been posted all over the Internet and if you like, I’ll be more than happy to post the close up of the fake interchangeable license plate.

  • BTW

    Lyga may be retired, permanently. But that car will be returned to the fleet eventually, if not already, and be used by undercover officers surveilling narcotics dealers in and around this city. Congrats to you and the officer who exposed this vehicle, AND jeopardized any current investigation Lyga and his crew were involved in. You don’t really care about that do you? Enjoy your gloating. To the officer who took a picture of the car: why don’t you volunteer to take Lyga’s assignment.

  • “I drive a white Jeep Cherokee with no front plate—usually 100 miles an hour in the carpool lane.” <——–ahem, that's gloating.

  • BTW

    I agree with you there. His comments and arrogance are inexcusable. So is jeopardizing the safety of an officer who had nothing to do with this. Don’t say he exposed his car. He described it to a room full of sworn personnel. An officer breaking policy and procedure can’t fall back on the old “thin blue line” and “code of silence” anymore. This isn’t 1970, or even 2005. There should be no “trust” in other officers if you’re breaking policy or acting illegally. So it’s one thing to report his inappropriate comments up the chain of command. It’s another to release a photo of an undercover vehicle to the public. You should be able to trust your fellow officer to not jeopardize your or another officer’s safety, OR an investigation, for that matter. IA should be investigating who released this photo. Regarding the “pics of the car (which) have been posted all over the Internet ” …care to share those websites?

  • Don’t take it so personal. Nobody is trying to endanger the lives of cops–at least I am not. Lyga asked for it with his comments and I was only too happy to oblige in this case. Bragging about breaking the law going 100 miles per hour in the carpool lane was wrong. Dead wrong. You all and yes I said YOU ALL have way to many issues inside the department with race and gender, that’s how and why photos like this get out. When your thin blue line” and “code of silence” only work for the white male cops and to the detriment of everyone else, hey what can I say. That’s a brass issue. I suspect however, this won’t be the last breach.

  • BTW

    The department is all about who you know and, if you face the discipline system, who your captain is. Still waiting on those other websites.

  • Don’t I know it. I know people too. Anyway, you’ll be waiting a long time, I’m going to bed and even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t tell you that. Do a Google search under blogs. The info should come up.

  • BTW

    It didn’t. I didn’t think it would. Don’t worry, I wasn’t holding my breath. Nice “blogging” with you.

  • mmmdot

    You are much nicer then me. I would have blocked this fool the MINUTE he started.

  • mmmdot

    Do cops care about endangering the lives of the public or anyone else BUT themselves? I know that they don’t give a damn about the lives of any black people, at any time, ever. I *HATE* and *FEAR* the police the way I *FEAR CRIMINALS*, so I don’t give a tinkers damn if any cop in this country dies. ESPECIALLY a white male cop. Generation after generation of you, you put black people through hell for NO fucking reason and you never stop. You let white people, LIKE FRANK LYGA, get away with cold blooded murder while black people can’t even stand on a STREET CORNER without getting arrested for “loitering”, “disturbing the peace”, or whatever it is you assholes feel like making up.

    Sorry, not sorry, I don’t give a fuck if you live or die. Watch your own backs–you do anyway. I care more about the people the cops HURT like Sean Bell and Oscar Grant. Stop being racist pieces of shit, and maybe OTHER people will care if you end up dying. And who gives a flying fuck about “investigations”? Maybe when you start driving tanks and swat teams through college campuses and the suburbs where white druggies live, I’ll give a fuck about your oh-so- urgent drug investigations. Get over yourself, you self-important, myopic, white piece of shit. No one CARES, we’re trying to put a STOP to you people and your bullshit. Deal with it.

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