It’s good to be back home, because only in L.A. can NBA great Magic Johnson get in line behind me at my local Magic Johnson’s Starbucks on the Shaw.  No problem, been there done that before.

I did however get a sense of personal satisfaction this morning when a Black woman went up to him and said emphatically as we were all waiting for our java fixes, that he needed to rethink his support of the Clintons.  Hello!

Then Magic turned on the magic by trying to explain to anyone who would listen that Hillary and Bill had done more for Black people than Senator Obama ever had.  He went onto to say that his loyalty was because of their undying commitment to Blacks and that he hadn’t seen Senator Obama demonstrate that same compassion.

I was five seconds away from opening my mouth to ask him what he’d been smoking this morning, when I stopped and looked around at the faces of the people listening to Magic’s madness.  

No one in Starbucks was buying that load of crap from Magic about the Clintons caring more about Blacks than Obama.

And as I left Starbucks with my venti skinny vanilla latte, Magic was getting an earful from Obama supporters…in his own store no less!