The Court of Public Opinion

  • Maya


  • Jboogie

    First of all Maya, you don’t get to tell me to take shit down. You are confused. But let me help you. You are at, not Second, if you read newspapers, you would know that this cartoon was published in one–make that more than one across the nation. Duh! Third, even though you didn’t ask, I posted it because I found it be RACIST and wanted to know if I was the only one who felt that way about it. Fourth, it’s obvious you don’t read my website because if you did, you’d know that I post a lot of derogatory things that are drawn, written, and said about Blacks to open a conversation about how we feel about it, the latest was that Popeyes chicken news report. Fifth, another comment like the one above and you my dear will be banned from this site. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • KG

    Thank you for posting this.

    I didn’t see this. It is really infuriating. This came up in a conversation the other day, and it got to the point where I just said “It was rich white spring breaks who are ‘dirty’ and brought swine flu here!”

    It seems that the mainstream media- and discourse in general- will spin anything that serves anti-immigrant narratives. This is one of the utilities of capitalism I guess. Shit like this not only scares us into thinking we need a vaccine for a flu that is just like any other flu, but it also reinforces our ideas of nationalism, and anti-immigrant sentiment.

    When you think about it, this is not very different from the Popeyes news stories. Americans are racist, and that shit sells. Hate speech has been commodified and its consumption serves more than just the coffers of the rich.

  • To me this is not racist. It might have been funnier if it were a line drawing, and the pigs had faces. But that is the decision of the artist.

  • As the artist and creator of this cartoon, it was not my intention to imply anything racist. The concept was to depict the flu virus traveling from Mexico to other countries including the United States.

    Like any other art form the viewer chooses what they want to see and often it is not what the artist intended to convey.

  • Jay

    I don’t get it. What is racist about this? Is it because the pigs are black? All images and text on road signs are black. I’m confused.

  • Nik

    Jay, if you haven’t noticed, this sign is a parody of the signs posted near along or near the Mexican border heeding caution to motorists of people, illegal immigrants particularly, crossing the road. Please learn something.

    Anyway, these people who are touting this racist rhetoric must conveniently forget their forefathers introduced smallpox to their Native American “friends”. Bunch of hypocrites.

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  • Asantewa

    If you have been near the US/Mexico border then you are familiar with the sign warning of “Illegal Immigrants” crossing the road, which I think is racist as well. Why doesn’t the sign just say, “Caution: Watch for PEOPLE crossing” or something similar.

    Now to have the people in the original sign replaced by the siluette of the pigs supposively representing the swine in the swine flu. This is racially insensitive at best (since the artist claims a racist statement was not his intention) and racist at worst. This just goes to show that all of us who work in the image trade should be extra sensitive to what the images we create may convey. The editor of the newspaper certainly shoud have caught this.

  • During a time when we need laughter, I think sometimes we take life a little too serious…Had it been a Mexican (Hispanic to be politically correct) who did the cartoon would we even be having this conversation? There used to be a time when we could laugh at the stereotypes that are represented in all of our cultures, and now that everyone has to be so “politically correct” it is taking the humor out of what we all used to find funny. “In Living Color” made a living poking at the stereotypes of all races and nationalities and now we have become so sensitive that we can’t just accept the humor for what it is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if everything that has humor to it is labeled racist we won’t have anything funny to laugh at.

    JBoogie just had a picture of someone’s weave drying out on the hood of a car. That was funny as Hell… If a white person would have done the same thing we would again have been crying “racist”….Does this mean that each race may only point out things that are funny about their own race? That’s just like saying that being called a “nigga” is okay if a black person does it – This world we live in will never be perfect and most races do a very good job of perpetuating the stereotypes that we have all laughed about at one time or another (our people do an especially good job of it) When we stop giving cartoonist and comics material then they may have to come up with something else but until then, let’s just laugh and know that it is what it is…..mjc

  • I’m sorry, I’m just not seeing it. Somebody help me understand.

  • Katja

    The cartoon with the pigs is funny if you’ve seen the original signs that it’s parodying. The original signs, however, ARE racist. The first time I saw them, I thought they were some sort of joke. When I realized they were real, government sponsored freeway signs, I was appalled.

    So, the original signs are racist. Parodying something stupid that’s already out there isn’t.