Proof of LAPDs False and Misleading Statements on Sex Scandal

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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


A Los Angeles Times article entitled “LAPD panel seeks to learn whether Beck eased discipline of sergeant” dated August 3, 2014 quoted the following:

An LAPD official who has been briefed on the Hoopes case said the department reduced the punishment because, shortly before the hearing date, witnesses either changed their testimony or said they would not testify at all. The source, who requested anonymity because police personnel matters are confidential, said concerns about what Hoopes might have said at the hearing played no role in the department’s decision.

LAPD officers are not allowed to refuse to testify at a Board of Rights hearing or in any other legal hearing (court, etc.).  LAPD officers are under what is known as Lybarger Rule.

The “Lybarger Rule” enables governmental employers to obtain compelled statements for administrative purposes by advising the employee the compelled statement cannot be used in a criminal prosecution.

If asked to testify and an officer of any ranking refuses, that is viewed as insubordination and an officer can and usually will be terminated.

This is information that you the average civilian would not know and the Department knows that.  It was a nice try though.

The witnesses in the case regarding Sergeant George Hoopes’ sexual relations with female officers he supervised almost certainly involved other officers as witnesses and not civilians.  I mean after all, it’s a LAPD Board of Rights hearing.

So what I am saying to you is that whomever the Times quoted, lied.  And anyone else toting that same story about witnesses refusing to testify are lying or in more technical terms, are providing false and misleading statements that are then being passed off to the public as truth.

And because I know proof is a big deal when discussing such matters, I managed to get my hands on one of the forms used in the Department that says as much.

The Los Angeles Police Department Administrative Admonition of Rights Employee Advisement Form (PSB 02/09) says:

Employee Advisement Form

As a supervisor of the LAPD, and as authorized by the Chief of Police, I want to inform you that your silence could be deemed as insubordination and lead to administrative discipline, which could result in your discharge or removal from office, and that any statement made under the compulsion of the threat of such discipline cannot be used against you in any subsequent criminal matters.

I hereby order you to answer all questions and provide a statement in this manner.

You can download and read the form for yourself here.  And keep in mind that officers can waive their rights but they very rarely ever do.

And if you Mr. or Ms. Civilian think that I am lying, please stop the next patrol officer you see and ask him or her two questions. 1, can you refuse to testify before a Board of Rights hearing? And 2, what would happen to you if you refused to testify at a Board of Rights hearing?  You could also ask these attorneys who usually represent cops: Greg Smith, Bill Seki, Robert Rico, Jodi Ganda, Gary Ingemunson, Ira Salzman, and Matthew McNichols.

The bottom line is that the hearing was cancelled because Sergeant Hoopes had compromising photos of Chief’s daughter that through his attorney he made clear he’d be willing to use as leverage.

Those photos were sent via text to Newton Division’s Lt. Barboza, who as I have already documented, deleted them from his phone causing his boss Captain Rodriguez to be demoted and transferred to Foothill Division.

In other words, a hot mess.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Cynthia James

    This whole Department is a Hot Mess!

  • On The Job

    No Cynthia James… there are a lot of great police officers working loyally to their oath of office… it’s the “elite” staffers who are the problem now…and have been the problem for about 20 years now.

    It’s a shame that it took this long for someone to open the door to the “back room” of the LAPD command staff office.

    Keep up the good work Jasmyne! And watch your six!

  • Lapd truth

    Yes, it’s the upper elite of the dept that’s corrupt, not the rank and file. Investigate Becks affair with Lillian Carranza capt of 77th. So much for transparency. She sits on boards and admin appeals and you don’t think she’s in Becks pocket? It’s the worst kept secret of lapd. Also, chronyism isn’t only from beck. Look at southwest. You have sgt wells sleeping with a subordinate and instead of a complaint, she gets a coveted spot as area adjutant. Both capts know about this. Letters were sent to ia and chief green and she was never investigated. What a joke. She should be demoted not promoted .

  • Careful

    Yep! A lonnnng time ago, I was forced to testify and I was a civilian p.d. employee! I was told that failure to cooperate could cost me my job and maybe result in obstruction charges! I’m well aware of Lybarger, so that statement is completely false.

  • Joe

    the truth is being finally released about the command staff of LAPD and Chief Beck knows it. He is hiding because his daughter is in the center of a IA investigation. What about Hillman’s kid… another officer who lied.. should have been fired.. There are “Brady” issues attached, and all defense attorney’s know this. An LAPD officer can not refuse to testify in any hearing, if he or she does refuse they can be fired for insubordination. Mayor needs to find a credible chief. To bad there is NO One on LAPD that fits that BILL.

  • 415 Group

    Chief Beck’s affair with 77th Division Captain, Lillian Carranza has been a long drawn out relationship. Of course she sits on the BOR hearings. Charlie Beck is sending his “between the sheets” Captain to make recommendations that are based on his own objectives. Rumor has it that Chief Beck’s wife learned of the affair and confronted Carranza IN HER OFFICE AT 77TH DIVISION. If this was any of us within the rank and file, we would’ve immediately been sent home pending investigation or admin transferred. Charlie Beck needs to go! The mainstream media needs to open their eyes and start looking at the ENTIRE LAPD COMMAND STAFF a little more closely. It amazes me how media personnel out here in Los Angeles appear to be intimidated or frightened by the recent allegations.
    The time has never been better if you want officers to start talking. The rank
    and file is FED UP. If we were talking about a questionable officer involved
    shooting “OIS” the media would be all over this. I am begging the LA Times,
    KTLA, KCAL (David Goldstein), Daily News, LA Weekly, and every other local
    media outlet to start looking into this information. Beck and his “boys” ….and his Code X (LAPD slang for having a 2nd wife or girlfriend) need to be investigated.

  • Short-Timer

    There was. And her name was Sharon Papa. She was the COP of MTA prior to MTA merging with LAPD. She would have taken care of business. But as soon as Bratton left n Beck got the spot, he demoted Papa to commander from Asst. Chief. Never heard what the grounds were. Now she’s a COP elsewhere.

  • Thank you Jasmyne for your tireless work on behalf of all of us who wore/wear Blue and really just want the LAPD to play fair and stop the “double talk”. Rank has always had its’ “privilege”. There needs to be a clean sweep of all LAPD Brass & a complete overhaul of the BOR; a “Kangaroo Court” that doubles as a capricious and arbritary disciplinary system. #TruthSpokenHere @ The Creation of a Manifesto, Black & Blue

  • LAPD Officer

    This is so true. There is so much favoritism in the LAPD. As for Sgt Wells at Southwest Division it is so true. It was so blatantly when she and that officer were both on the same watch.. W/3 and she followed him around to all of his radio call and everyone saw them together in the back of the station alon late at night. Everyone knew about this including the Sgt, Lt, and Capt. She is now Capt Pasos assistant and is helping with the divisions pic nick. What a joke !!! There are so many problems and issues in 77th, SOE, SOW, what a mess. !!!!!

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Every one of us who has more than 10 minutes on the Department is aware of the corrupt promotion/discipline systems. The Dept need to bring in a retired military leader and then hire Rand and an efficiency expert to see how we can fix the problems. We have all seen how officers or detectives have been promoted after sleeping with their Captains. We have all seen cases like the one at Audit Division when the LT was caught making out with her sergeant in the stairwell, and nothing happened to either of them. And even after their spouses reported the affair to the captain at the time, they were only moved.
    But it was not until I went to IA, and went to a call out of an IA SGT, who was arrested by Santa Clarita for 273.5, and NOTHING happened to him, not until then did I realize the magnitude of the corruption. That is why a year ago I reported many things to the IG. When nothing happened I reported this to the PC. And still nothing has happened. It takes more than one person to make a change. Please start reporting these issues…not to IA. if your issue involved command staff, nothing will be done. You should know, whatever you report to the IG is sent to IA. Maybe now we need to start reporting all of these issues to the DOJ. Because so far, the IG and the PC have done nothing. And thank you Jasmyne for trying to do something.

  • tom

    Attention all LAPD officers! Call your league directors and tell them you want a vote of no confidence in chief beck.

  • Rockin out

    The music is the best part.

  • Man2b40

    Wow!! I think it’s called in-group out-group, you think!!

  • Sworn

    Maybe the Hillman family had naked pics of Brandy.

  • Sworn

    Thank you Sergeant Cathy Marx for being transparent. I admire you and Jasmyne!

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    I have asked Tyler Izen many times for the vote of no confidence…so have many of the directors. Tyler won’t do it. It is my opinion he is trying to line up a post retirement job with the COP. Thank goodness he is leaving in December.

  • Cynthia James

    On the job….. who ever you are…. I stand corrected…. I did not mean to say that all officers are a “Hot Mess” I meant what is going on right now, with the SOME of the Command Staff. Some of my dear friends are good officers on the Department and we share with each other the drama that is going on right now.

  • discarted

    Ironic, how all of these cops are finally speaking out because they think they’re not getting a fair shake within the department.

    Meanwhile, whenever, a videocamera catches one of them violating rights, brutalizing a member of the public, or killing someone, they all keep quiet and circle the wagons to protect their own.

    It’s so obvious, where all of LAPD’s officers’ priorities lie…it’s Serving and protecting themselves. #citizensafety

  • Marsy

    415 Group just full of lots of rumors and nothing to back it up. Must be frustrating. You obviously know nothing about finding at Boar of Rights. If you only knew!

  • Pio Pio

    LAPD Truth
    Alex Bustamante will have a full report for the police commission. I suspect you will find the UNFOUNDED report disappointing.

  • Another victim.

    More officers are speaking out. Many of today’s officers are filing lawsuits in an attempt to change what is going on with the upper command staff. There were 14 officers alone out of West traffic that he filed lawsuit against the upper command staff. Thanks to Kathy marks and other officers like her Who are filing lawsuits I and hopes that the public news media and the courts see what is occurring from the upper command staff.

  • Luvlapd

    415 Group is totally full of rumors. Please don’t be a hater 415 Group.

  • Luvlapd

    Why is she in Beck’s pocket? What proof do you have that any of this is true? Pretty sad. You are condeming folks for the exact same things that you do not wish to be condemed for, false allegations.

  • Code H in HWD

    It just occurred to me why we’re so pissed off! This is the first time in my 26 years that nepotism was so blatantly shoved in our face by a COP! There has been other instances from command staff but never a COP! Chief and you other two idiot DC’s this is not going to stop anytime soon even if he gets another 5 years!

  • moore2317

    Sharon Papa was great!!! From my knowing her and indirectly working for her, she was a great person to work with or for. Chief Doan was also treated wrong!

  • On The Job

    Jasmyne… You need a Facebook page so we can all have a “conversation” in somewhat real-time.

    FB notifies one when someone comments on the post or one’s comment.

    Discussion, sharing of info and ideas will help, not only in exposing the truth, but in verification of the allegations being made!

    Please create a Facebook page for these articles…and watch people’s eyes and minds open up!

  • On The Job

    The league’s a joke! As long as those working the league are under the thumb of the staffers they’ll do as they’re told by THE STAFFERS and will screw the guys paying dues… the league needs to not only be revamped, but audited and people held accountable!

    The league is deep under the covers with staff.