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On this fourth day of Kwanzaa, consider recycling Black dollars…

First time author, Kevon Gulley, writes from the prison walls of a California penitentiary. Welcome to Compton where life is similar to Baghdad. Take a peek inside the lives of three childhood friends and journey with them through adult hood. Find out who gets murdered, goes to prison, falls in love and makes it out?

Kevon Gulley is an every day kid from Compton. He grew up in the Imperial Courts projects until age 10, then moved with his Grandmother who rescued his siblings after his mother became a drug addict. He grew up on the streets of Compton and entered the Gang life. At age 17 he was sentenced to 10 years and 8 months in the California Youth Authority for Carjacking, Kidnapping, and Discharging a firearm. Only to return 3 years later with an 8 year sentence. It is during this period of incarceration that “Just Like Compton” was born.

The book is from the the perspective of the Fruit Town Pirus but it touches on several neighborhood in Compton & Los Angeles, including the Tree Top Pirus, Cedar Block Pirus, Tortilla Flats, Van Ness Gangsters, West Blvd Crips, and many more neighborhoods.

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Just Like Compton

Just Like Compton by Kevon L. Gulley
Pages: 229
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