Over the past couple of days, I have received more than one email announcing that our favorite on screen lesbian Queen Latifah was to wed longtime girlfriend and personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins in a public ceremony and in the process finally come out as a lesbian.

I ignored them for the most part.  Why?  Cause’ I knew it wasn’t true.

You don’t really expect Queen Latifah to go from being in the closet and “I’m looking for a good brotha” sound bytes on the entertainment news to the lesbian wedding of the century just like that, do you? 

While I have full faith that she will in fact come out of the closet one day, I knew it wasn’t going to be through a public wedding.  C’mon now folks.

Today the Electronic Urban Report puts some of the rumors to rest.

Chicago radio personality Kendra G. of Power 92 says she got a direct answer from Queen Latifah regarding rumors that she planned to announce an engagement to her personal trainer/girlfriend.

Latifah reportedly said: "Oh my goodness you guys actually believe that. You can’t believe everything you read…there will be no major announcement made. The only major announcement I have to make is "Merry Christmas."

The Chicago Sun-Times also asked Latifah about the rumored engagement as she worked the red carpet this past weekend.

"When you’re famous these days, it’s just part of the deal — unfortunately," she told the newspaper in denying the claims. "People will make up all sorts of things that are not true. There ain’t gonna be no wedding."

The artist made her comments while attending a premiere screening of her new film "The Perfect Holiday" at the Ice Theater in Chicago. Also walking the red carpet were Latifah’s co-stars Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut and Faizon Love.

Notice she didn’t deny being in a relationship with Jeanette, just the wedding.  Maybe the Queen’s been taking advice from actress Jodie Foster on how to come out without really saying it…Just as long as we’re not subjected to any more out right lies about looking for man, because you know, like I know, that’s a bunch of nonsense.